Drops for Ears

Updated on May 06, 2010
A.S. asks from Bonsall, CA
5 answers

Does anyone use any drops for their child's ears,to prevent swimmers ear???

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answers from Detroit on

Check your local drug store or check with your pediatrician for drops that are safe for kids. When my son was little he would get an ear ache every time he swam in our pool, so we bought some ear plugs that mold to his ears...I think I got them at Walmart. His pediatrician also suggested using a blow dryer on a cooler setting and blowing it in his ears to help the water dry up.

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answers from Portland on

Hi A.,

I've always had great luck with the Similasan line of products. It's over the counter, so you can get it at most drug stores, but it's also homeopathic. I'm not sure if the have a swimmer's ear formula, but their Earache Relief dropped made the biggest baby I know better, my husband. = )

R. Magby

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answers from Portland on

I've read that one does not need to use commercial ear drops to dry out the ear; that the main ingredient in them is alcohol and one could just put a couple of drops of alcohol into the ear. Enough to displace the water and then the alcohol evaporates.

The best way to prevent simmers' ear is to use ear plugs. However if your child is not prone to swimmers ear you wouldn't have to use anything. Very few recreational swimmers get swimmers ear.


answers from Hartford on

I use renew oil! it is great in tub too!



answers from Atlanta on

HI A.,

I use an oil called Renew oil for the ears. It is primarily lanolin oil with a small amount of high grade tea tree oil. One drop will not only will stop any kind of bacteria, fungus or virus, but it is soothing as well.


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