5 Year Old Failed Eye Test!!

Updated on September 03, 2018
L.J. asks from Picayune, MS
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My 5 year old came home with a note in kindergarten saying he failed the eye test that the school gave. I know many of the test can be either way.

I know last Monday he came home from school and his “left eye” was a little swollen. Tuesday it was red and swollen. Called his doctor, spoke with the nurse which said it sounded like a allergy contact to give him benadryl and wait a day and see what it does.

Wednesday it cleared up and was back to normal so he went back to school. Thursday it was red and swollen again. Took him to a clinic. I asked if him if anyone poke, touch, etc to his eye or if he did. He said a kid did to he did then said no. Well the doctor at the clinic looked and notice a scratch on his left eye. He prescribe an antiobotic eye drops and told us to followed up with a eye doctor.

Friday he saw an eye doctor and prescribe some eye drops for inflammtion,pain,etc. He told my husband it was a little scratch but looked ok. He said he think everything will be ok. He checked that eye with some pictures for him but said look good. His doctor wanted to see him also which they his “yearly” checkup and did a basic eye test with pictures on the wall.

Today he came home with a note saying he failed his test. I called his doctor told her what they’ve sent. She said at his eye test last week they done at the doctor was his “right” eye was kinda bad( 20/40) and his “left” eye was good(20/25). So she sent a referral to see a eye doctor to get his vision check and check that eye again. I have two children and myself who cant see far away. Just wanted to know if your child have to get glasses at 5 and if so did they show any symptoms? I think part is worried about that scratch and if it messed his vision. TIA!

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answers from Norfolk on

In the neighborhood I grew up in there was a kid who needed glasses at 3 years old.
Just get in the habit of seeing the eye doctor regularly.
Kids prescriptions can change quickly.
I didn't need glasses till I was in 5th grade but then I got very near sighted very quickly.
Some years I needed a big change in prescription in 6 months.
Any sign of squinting or complaints of headaches - go take him to the eye doctor.
It's just something you are going to have to stay on top of.

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answers from Boston on

By the time you get to an eye doc for a thorough vision test, any effects from the scratch should be gone so they should be able to get good info for you. My ex husband and one of our kids had glasses before K, and I commonly see glasses in pre-schoolers and Kindergartners. My child with early classes had other issues (amblyopia and strabismus) so hers was noticeable and caught by her pediatrician.

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answers from Chicago on

You have two separate issues going on here. The first is the scratch. The scratch is minor, has been seen and treated, and will heal. Everyone in my household of five people has had this type of eye injury at one point. Within a week everything is fine. There is a small chance that this contributed to the results of the exam. However, please be assured that issue number two – your child overall vision – is also not a huge vision loss. Everyone in my family is incredibly nearsighted and I started wearing glasses at age 2 1/2. My husband is the only person I have ever met with vision worse than mine so naturally we reproduce and passed on those fabulous genes. I brought my oldest to the eye doctor at age 2 1/2 and she was already extremely nearsighted. We’re talking 20-200 not 20-25. The eye doctor told me to bring the next child in line at age 2. The good news is that we are all able to see just fine with correct of assistance. Our glasses function well in our contacts do too. We can do everything we want and no one can tell that we are all blind as bats. There’s no way of knowing if your child’s vision will worsen, stay the same, or even improve. Just go for a yearly vision check up, by glasses when told to, and stay on top of it. This is why the school has vision check – to catch problems that might otherwise be missed. Your child will be just fine. Good luck!

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answers from Springfield on

The school is simply saying that your son needs to be seen by an eye doctor. He did not pass the test at school, but the test at school is just a screening. It's a way for schools to identify kids who probably need to see an eye doctor. It is not a thorough as a eye exam from an optometrist or ophthalmologist. It's just a really good way to catch kids you might benefit from an eye exam.

In Illinois, all kids must see an eye doctor for an eye exam (vision and eye health) before they can begin kindergarten. So both of my kids have been to the eye doctor.

Our doctor said that at that age, it is totally normal for their vision to be a little off, as their eyes are still developing. With both of my boys, he said their vision was not 20/20. He did not, however, recommend glasses at that age for 20/40 vision (which, by the way, is all that is required to get a drivers license ... 20/40 or better in both eyes) at that age. My oldest did later need glasses, but not until 2nd grade.

My guess (and it is a guess) would be that that scratch could interfere. I'm not sure why it would "worry" you. The school is just letting you know that your son might benefit from seeing an eye doctor. Your son is already under the care of an eye doctor, so there's really no reason for you to worry. If the eye doctor didn't already check your son's vision, make an appointment for that. But otherwise, no worries!

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answers from Dallas on

The testing at the school is done because unfortunately some parents do not care for their children's medical, dental and eyesight properly.

Those test are basic test to see who may need to see an eye Dr.

Simply follow up with your eye Dr and if he needs glasses, then you are one step ahead of the game in taking care of your child which you should be.

I am in the classroom as a sub for the last 18 years and see many of the young K's and up with glasses and no issues in the classroom or with friends.

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answers from Portland on

I wore glasses early - not at five, but in elementary (can't recall what age exactly). So did all my siblings pretty much. Not sure why our vision was like that. Our parents didn't need glasses till they were adults.

The main thing was, I think we sat close to the TV and we squinted. I don't recall headaches myself.

We just went and got children's glasses (no problems there) I adjusted very well and wore them all the time. I liked them fine. I did sports and was fine wearing them to that and to gym class, and on playground, etc.

As for scratches, my brother had one I think (he wore a patch if I recall, so must have been quite bad). He was the one who got glasses the latest) and it was quite a long time after the patch - so I don't think the two were related. We're talking at least 5 years between. I've never heard of the two being related. I've known lots of kids (and adults) with scratches on their eyes, never needing glasses.

I do think a scratch might cause blurriness, but surely they can tell the difference - if you're concerned, have vision checked again in a few months' time when it's cleared up. That would be my suggestion so you can be sure and not have this concern (that way you know).

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answers from Los Angeles on

Tests done at school and even at the pediatricians offices are not accurate so don't panic just yet! My 6 year old daughter got her vision tested at her pediatrician's office and was told her vision was 20/40. We were advised to take her to an optometrist. Turns out, her vision is actually 20/25.

The optometrist told me that children's vision is mostly affected by their genetics and that their vision worsens during growth spurts, just FYI.

If you're concerned about the scratch affecting the vision test, just ask to be retested once the scratch is completely healed. Or you can just take him to an optometrist for a more accurate testing.

Some symptoms of poor vision in children are squinting, watching TV/iPad up close, and reading/looking at books up close.

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answers from Miami on

I would wait until your child's eyes are actually healed before you worry about this. Then have a vision test done. Trust THAT test.

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answers from Wausau on

I've been wearing glasses since just before age 4.

Physical issues with the eye can cause temporary vision issues, but when your son is healed he should certainly have a comprehensive exam.

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answers from Abilene on

Don’t panic. Follow up with an eye doctor once the eye is healed. I’ve been in glasses since kindergarten (in my 50’s now).

My daughter failed her hearing test in kindergarten. When she was professionally tested it turned out that her hearing is above normal. She had a horrible time with loud noises (fireworks, gun shots, vacuum cleaner as a baby). I thought it was overreacting and it turns out she can hear things long before most people and it’s amplified for her. We helped her with ear protection when we went to Disney and other louder places. Now she’s a military police officer and does fine.



answers from Los Angeles on

My child failed eye test in kindergarten. Took to optometrist and said our child didn't need glasses yet.
Our child went several years before ending up needing glasses.
I would allow eye to heal taking him to your doctor.
Then eventually take him to optometrist.


answers from Washington DC on

i'd assume the scratch is the culprit too.

but remember, this isn't a 'failure'. it's just a heads-up.

my kids didn't need glasses, but lots of kids we knew did. i'd just take it in stride. my kids needed ear tubes. so we got 'em.

get that scratch healed up and go to a professional. i never relied on school tests for health decisions ultimately, but a 'hey, this could be an issue' is never a bad thing, right?

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