Ear Infection... How Long Till She's Better???

Updated on February 15, 2012
H.X. asks from Los Angeles, CA
9 answers

Hi moms...
So my daughter just got her first ear infection... She woke up from her nap, SCREAMING!!! none of my kids ever had one, so i'm lucky, in a way, but also not sure what to do with it... Doctor gave me amoxicillin and ear drops, said to give her motrin if it hurts. once i gave her the antibiotic, within 30 minutes, she's stopped complaining... does it really work that fast??? he said she has a minor one, but still antibiotics... i know that ear infections are not contagious, but am i gonna be the worst mom if i send her to school tomorrow???

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answers from Las Vegas on

Ditto to Simona's answer --- keep giving her the antibiotic for as long as the Dr prescribed it. As far as sending her to school, she how she feels, if she's ok then send her, if she still feels blah then keep her home.

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answers from San Antonio on

We have had a lot of ear infections here. Minor ones, they feel better in 2 days....more sever ones take a bit longer.


answers from New York on

yep, my kids have really gotten better in a couple hours when they've gotten the antibiotics. That's why I never hesitate to take them to the ped if I think it's an ear infection. I'm sure she can go to school if your doctor says so, why not.



answers from Washington DC on

Hi H.! I am in the same boat tonight! I kept my daughter home from school today b/c she didn't feel well, but she didn't start to complain about ear pain until 5pm! I called the doc and surprisingly got an appt. at 7pm. Come to find out she has a 104 degree fever and a raging ear infection. I felt so bad, I didn't even take her temp. She just didn't seem that warm to me! She is 10, and this is only her 2nd ear infection ever (so I actually didn't suspect it) Doctor said she'd still feel some pain for a couple of days. I'm keeping her home from school tomorrow, mostly because of the high fever. But even without that, I think I'd keep her home anyway. I would worry too much about her being in pain at school. I hope your daughter (and mine!) feel better real soon :)



answers from Cleveland on

id keep her home tomorrow and then send her friday, it wont hurt anything and its better safe then sorry this way if she has a reaction to the antibiotic youll be there, (sometimes takes a couple doses for a reaction to happen) and normally my daughter is fine the night that she starts an antibiotic



answers from Los Angeles on

If she feels well enough to go to school it's fine BUT it's EXTREMELY important that she keeps on taking the antibiotic at the right time until it's all completely finished. The danger of stopping an antibiotic too soon is that she could develop a strain of bacteria resistant to penicillen.



answers from Chicago on

My son has chronic ear infections and usually starts to feel better within 2 to 3 hours of taking his first antibiotic dose. By 12 hours he is usually back to normal. If he had a fever - we wait until he is fever free 24 hours then send him back to school the following morning after the 24 hours. If no fever - we send him the next day. Hope she is feeling better!



answers from Denver on

Our ped says pain lasts 72 hours after starting antibiotics. I would give her the motrin - assume it does hurt because ear infections really do hurt. I have three kids and all have had many ear infections :-(. Thank God for tubes :-)

I would not send her to school but I'm a firm believer in keeping sick kids home to rest - also don't want to expose her to more germs when her immune system is already battling the ear infection.

Hope she feels better soon.


answers from Los Angeles on

My kids usually feel better after being on antibiotics for a day or two. I have to give Motrin and/or Tylenol in the meantime.
I would let her stay home from school and rest tomorrow. Good Luck!

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