Diaper Rash: Infant, Diaper Genie

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Which Cloth Diaper?

I am on a quest to start using cloth diapers. My daughter is 17 mos. and seems to have developed an allergy to disposable diapers. I've tried using 2 different brands of hypoallergenic diapers, but it only helped a little. So my mind is made up! We are switching to cloth! But which ones? So far my plan is to get pocket diapers and a few AIOs for when I work and my hubby is in charge of diaper duty. I know I dont want flushables. What brands have you tried and liked? Anybody used the sprayers you attach to toilet? If so how did you...

Home Remedies

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Advice Needed on Eliminating Diaper Smell!!

Hi Moms! Now that my baby is getting bigger and eating more baby food we are having a problem with diaper odor smell! We use a diaper Genie. I have an Air Wisp in his room and I use the Glade things, but I feel like my whole house smells like diapers. (It seems to be worse when we have the windows opened instead of the AC on!) I am open for any suggestions you have--is there a good product out there I don't know about or a natural remedy? Any advice is appreciated!


Stinky Diaper Champ

I love my Diaper Champ. My only complaint is that I can't seem to control...