Diaper Rash: Infant, Steroids

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Severe Diaper Rash

my daughter is 2weeks old; she has a severe diaper rash...we have tried putting Butt Paste and Desitin and havent seen a difference...what else should we use to put on her rash...please help!!!


Bleeding Diaper Rash

Any suggestions on how to cure a diaper rash? My twin boys have had an on...


Nasty Diaper Rash

My daughter is almost 20 months old. She's had the upper respritory cough...


Constant Diaper Rash

My oldest daughter has always had a diaper rash. Lately I have been noticing...

Home Remedies

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Asthma & Steroids

Hello, I am seeking advice from other Mom's that have experience with young Children with Asthma. My son who was born with Asthma has been on Allergy medicine and (an Albuteral inhaler as needed) from birth, He is now 9 years old and doing great in school, very little Asthma attacks! Now that we have moved here, his allergies really hit a High and has triggered his Asthma attacks more frequently, So we are on a regumine of allergy pills and now also added Advair, (which is a steroid on a daily dose about 5 months now) But this has been...


Croup Cough Remedies

Last night my 7.5 month old son woke up with a croup cough. I am wondering...