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Updated on June 24, 2011
T.B. asks from Westchester, IL
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My 13 month old is cloth diapered, and having a heck of a time with diaper rash. I have some disposable inserts I can use with cream to treat him. Who has successfully beaten diaper rash, and what did you use? He's got it all over, big, red open wounds on his bottom, creases, etc.

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So What Happened?

Took the baby to the doc yesterday. She thinks he has a staph infection and gave us an antibiotic cream. So far, so good. I hope this clears it up for good!! Poor little guy!

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answers from Bloomington on

There was just another question about this today. When my sons get the really bad diaper rash, I coat their bottom with Mylanta liquid (yes, Mylanta!) applied with a cotton ball then coat in vaseline. It literally disappears overnight!

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answers from Birmingham on

My son had a blistered bottom when he had a GI bug a few years ago. I tried every cream known to man!
The only thing that helped the sores heal was Aquaphor. Once the sores were mostly dried/healing, I started using Gold Bond medicated powder. It worked absolute WONDERS! This was my dad's suggestion. It worked like a charm! I was very careful not to shake it directly on him. I sprinkled it on his diaper a few feet away from him, then sprinkled it on my hand and rubbed it on his bottom, then put his diaper on. I also let him walk around with no diaper on as much as I possibly could.
Hope this helps!

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answers from Chicago on

Just use plain cornstarch on it, and that should help it heal up quickly. We've never dealt with anything butt paste couldn't handle. But my nephew had it really bad once like you describe and the cornstarch was the only thing that made it better. If you can, let him go diaperless for awhile too.
Good luck!

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answers from Honolulu on

You need to take him to the Doctor.
He has red open wounds on his bottom etc.

Also, what if it is a yeast infection?

You don't have a diagnosis.
Thus, you don't know the origin of his red open wounds/rash.
So you need a diagnosis first, before you try and 'treat' it.

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answers from Dallas on

calmoseptine lotion- ask for it at your local Albertsons pharmacy.


answers from Lynchburg on

Hi barefoot-

In a recent post, I mentioned 'butt paste'...works very well. But 'balmex' is another one I recollect went on smooth...good barrier...but wipes off well too!

Best Luck!



answers from Chicago on

anytime we had diaper rash we let them go bear butt as much as possible.
i'm glad you went to doc. poor little guy : (


answers from Provo on

Yup sounds like yeast.
I would go to target, get the California Babies diaper rash cream. It has tea tree oil which is a natrual antifungal AND it's safe of cloth diapers :D
I used this with my son's last yeast infection and it went away almost immediatly. If you put a liner of some sort (cut up t-shirt, cloth wipe, ect) you can use any cream, just wash/strip the item or throw it away.
If CB doesn't work, foot fungal creams are what I used before and it took a week, but it did the trick. Also make sure you use the antifungal or CB for at least a week after the rash is gone. Fungus is infamous for hiding and coming back if it's not killed all the way.



answers from Chicago on

Sounds like a yeast infection. Get some over the counter Lotrimen. You should see a significant improvement within a couple of days.



answers from Chicago on

Vaseline! This always does the trick for us! Cleared up a diaper rash quick and now I use it after every other diaper change and he's never had a rash!


answers from Lansing on

Great ideas below!

I'd definately let him go diaperless for a little bit. And as Lexxa D said, Calmoseptine works GREAT! It's the only diaper rash cream I will use. I even give it as baby shower gifts and tell them to get rid of all the others. As gross as it sounds, it also works on older kids and adults if they have super bad diarreah and their butt is painful or feels like its on fire.

If you want, let me know if you can't find it.



answers from Chicago on

We always used an equal mixture of milk of magnesia, lotrimin and A&D ointment, and it was gone in about one day!!

Good Luck!


answers from Chicago on

Mylanta original (unflavored) dab a good amt on rash with cotton ball, cover with zinc cream or vaseline (we use vaseline) to stop the mylanta from saking into the diaper ... apply w/ each diaper change. Give a bath with baking soda often and allow to air dry. With the rash as bad as it is this process may take 48-72hrs but if you apply right when you see a rash start you can often get rid of it by the next diaper change! This is one old wives tale that actually works!

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