Diaper Rash: Infant, Boudreaux's Butt Paste

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What Diaper Rash Cream Do You Prefer

I've used Desitin white as well as the clear...actually use both...the white for healing and the clear for prevention...what do you mom's like the best...getting ready to buy more since I;m almost out and wanted to see if there was something better...A+D? Boudreaux Butt Paste?


Diaper Rash ?

My daughter got that nasty stomach virus that is going around and still is...

Home Remedies

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Diaper Rash Remedies

Does anyone have any good diaper rash remedies? I've tried the over the counter creams, letting her be without a diaper, longer bath time. It doesn't seem to be clearing up. It's also not getting too bad, but she's maintaining a rash. With my son I used his eczema cream & it cleared it up immediately. However, now that eczema cream has the warning "may cause cancer"...so we've stopped using it. Also on that note, does anyone have a home remedy for exzema. Thanks

Yeast Infection or Impetigo

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Is It a Rash or a Yeast Infection?

My six month old baby girl has a rash on her bottom that has created white filled blisters that turn to ulcer-like sores after they pop. I've being using diaper rash creams with zinc oxide, and balmex. I'm also trying to avoid extended periods of wetness and the baby wipes. She does not act as if it is itchy or painful. At one point it was looking better but seems to be flaring again. I am suspecting it could be a yeast infection since it began to show shortly after she had a round of antibiotics for an ear infection. Would appreciate any...


Help with Impetigo

my 18 month keeps getting impetigo around his mouth. I don't understand why...