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Updated on July 07, 2011
L.M. asks from Overland Park, KS
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I know I have asked and given advice on this subject, but I was just curious as to weather sugar plays a role in aggravating diaper rash. Things like Juice. (He is two and a half) The rash is around the anal area and moving up the side of his leg towards his P. I know what goes in must come out... so I thought maybe I would check your opinion (that I value so much).

Also, I use A&D Ointment, but this type of rash looks more than a chafing than a wet rash... I am going to let him run around nekid as much as I can today. Thinking of not giving him juice, if sugar is a factor.

Also any mild baby/body soap you can recommend? I currently use the Suave brand on him (they have great shampoos too) but I think his skin is too sensitive for that perhaps, it makes his cradle cap worse. So I only have been washing his little body with it. (Selsun Blue for the cradle cap - that seems to work)

Thanks girlfriends!

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answers from Indianapolis on

Sounds like yeast, especially with the heat and humidity. I'm not for sure, but I think sugar plays into yeast infx's. Just get plain ol' Monistat and put it on the rash.

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answers from Hartford on

If he has a yeast infection, then yes, sugar could be making it worse. Yeast feast on sugar (and corn). Juice is also acidic anyway, so the acid is bad for rashes in general. If the rash has red bumps that also have little white "caps" on them that weep then it's yeast. [edited to add: if it's yeast you do want to have this confirmed by the doctor. To treat it, you want to AVOID all corn products... food, cornstarch, all corn byproducts, everything and anything corn because yeast feed on corn as well as sugar and the acidic environment from juice and certain fruits and veggies. You can mix a paste from Phillips milk of magnesia (plain) with Balmex and Lotriman cream and put that directly onto the rash. The Phillips eases the acidity and is soothing, the Balmex handles the rash and soothes, and the Lotriman handles the yeast. Avoid things like Monistat unless the pediatrician Rx's it. If he likes yogurt, give him yogurt. The bacteria in yogurt eat yeast.]

But if it's a chafing? it could be eczema I suppose which could be triggered by too much sugar or even fake sweeteners and yes, juice could make that worse. He could be allergic to the shampoo and cleaners you're using if you recently switched. However, it could be related to something else completely and due to the location I would call your pediatrician. When there are odd skin rashes, they always want a call and to check out the rash in case it's something that needs to be treated.

With my girls, I used Baby Don't Cry shampoo from Paul Mitchell when they had cradle cap. Johnson & Johnson actually was too harsh for them and caused cradle cap. If the scales got really, really bad, I'd rub on some olive oil to soften the them and they'd come out really easily.

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answers from Kansas City on

It could possibly be a yeast infection. Try a Lotrimine, anti-fungal, product and see if that helps. Boys get yeast infections too.


answers from Kansas City on

Our daughter had a horrible diaper rash a couple of weeks ago - teething plus eczema plus humid KC weather - it just wouldn't go away. One thing our ped told us was to use a cream that has zinc oxide in it because it does a better job of blocking moisture out. I started using Hiney Healer which was invented by a small town doc in Iowa. Currently it's only available to order online. It worked really well. But you can also get Desitin or Balmex.

I also love the California Baby brand. It's a little more expensive, but doesn't have any parabens so it's safer than the cheaper stuff. Regarding the cradle cap, our hair dresser told us that the peds always recommend anti-dandruff shampoo, but that's the worst thing for it. She suggested using conditioner. It was the fastest, best choice for clearing it up for us.

Best of luck!


answers from Provo on

California baby is my favorite stuff ever. Great shampoo and conditioner. Their diaper rash cream has tea tree oil in it and that's a natural antifungal. so if it's a fungal rash, then it will be taken care of with one cream.

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