Super Bad Diaper Rash

Updated on June 25, 2011
S.T. asks from Liberty, MO
15 answers

my almost 7 month old son has this diaper rash that just wont go first i thought it was a reaction to the rice cereal but cut that out and still it is there. before taking him to the doc i just wondered if any of you could tell me what you use. thanks!! does a boy get a yeast infection?

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answers from Utica on

I always used Lanolin nipple cream on my DD's diaper rashes. It is so natural that you can eat it and it helps to create a protective barrier on the rash so that no more damage can be done to the skin from being in a wet or poopy diaper. Also try to leave her without a diaper as much as possible (I know thats difficult, especially if you have carpet everywhere) but the air on her little bum will seriously help the healing process
Good Luck

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answers from Kansas City on

My son got a yeast infection when I started cloth diapering him. I first thought it was a rash as well. I ended up taking him to the doctor and got a prescription for it.


answers from Jacksonville on

Have you tried a baking soda bath? We let our daughter soak in that for a while then use regular old diaper cream and that seems to knock it out.


answers from Ocala on

You will need a prescription called nystaten. ( I think I spelled it wrong ).



answers from Dallas on

We have gotten great results with bad diaper rashes using Triple Paste. My brother-in-law who is a pediatric nurse, recommended it to us as what they use on babies in the hospital. When my daughter was just a few months old, she developed a terrible rash in her diaper area and pretty much everywhere the diaper covered. Nothing was working, and I suspected she might be allergic to the ink or dye in the diapers, so I switched her to Huggies Pure and Natural. The rash was gone within 24 hours.


answers from Lynchburg on

Hi Susan-

It could be yeast...maybe have the doc take a look...but when mine had a 'yeasty' rash...I used lotrimin...

For regular 'rash', I used something called 'Butt paste"...they used to make it...not sure if they still do, but it went on smoothly, and came off smoothly as well.

Best luck!



answers from Clarksville on

My doctor once prescribed clotrimazole cream, it turned out to be antifungal cream, which is also used for fee. The pharmacist told me just to buy the antifungal foot cream since it was cheaper. It really helped clear up my son's rash. Destin almost always works for me. My sons always got really bad rashes during the summer because of how sweaty they get and the diapers hold that sweat in. During the summers, I always put baby powder in the diapers at each change. A boy can get a yeast infection because of the warm and wet environment the diaper creates.



answers from San Francisco on

We use aquifer and keep the diaper off as much as possible while it heals or change them often. He is probably reacting to something he is eating that might be acidic like juice or even yogurt. Might be worth seeing the doctor to go through the list of foods that may be problematic.

Air that tushy out! And good luck to you.


answers from Bloomington on

When my sons get the really bad diaper rash, I coat their bottom with Mylanta liquid (yes, Mylanta!) applied with a cotton ball then coat in vaseline. It literally disappears overnight!



answers from Kansas City on

Hi Susan,

Yeast will grow anywhere dark, moist and warm. My son gets a yeast infection every once in a while and we use Nystatin (Rx from pediatrician). As for the bad diaper rash, our pediatrician told us to mix his diaper rash cream with Maalox or Mylanta. It will be a little runny but just smother the area with it and put his diaper on. The diaper rash cream will help to dry it out and the Maalox will help to pull the sting out. It really does work overnight!
Hope he gets to feeling better!



answers from San Diego on

Curious, if you use Pampers with Dry Max, the Dry Max could be irritating his skin. When Pampers switched to Dry Max, my daughter got a horrible burning red rash that took forever to go away. Pampers refunded me my $$. This apparently wasn't just a problem with us, many children experienced this.
Just a thought.

For healing I tried to keep her diaper free as much as possible and used lots of Aquaphor, and Burts Bees Diaper cream. Healed up on it's own.


answers from Kansas City on

Yeast is on everyone's skin and in our bodies. Yeast infection can happen in any place in the body that gets hot and dark, like thrush in the mouth and vaginal yeast. Boys in diapers are no different.

Clear baths, no soap, rinse him off after EVERY diaper, wet ones without soap in them, rinse them first, and let him air dry as much as possible before using the lotrimin athletes foot cream and then desitin.



answers from Kansas City on

Hello, late responding, but I was on travel. There is a diaper rash cream called "Flander's". It's not on the shelves, but if you ask the Pharmasit they have it behind the counter. With that said, it's not a perscription. A friend told me about it and in one treatment the rash is gone. I moved here recently from another state so I don't know if it's here or not, but I would definately look into it. Also, I have a boy and besides using that try the Aveeno Oatmeal bath powder. Several come in a box and I only use a half of packet in a little bath water. First, I'd bath him and rinse clean. Then, fill just a little water and with your hand swish the powder around so it dissovles. Just enough to cover the tub and he could sit and play with toys.
It's a wonder product and great now in this heat and humidity. I know rashes aren't fun. So, gives these a try. Good luck!


answers from St. Louis on

I highly recommend pinxav. It is the only thing that worked on my LO's.

It is totally worth the price and can be used on adults too.

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