Diaper Rash: Infant, Maalox

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What Should I Do for Diaper Rash?

I think my 2 month old son has some diaper rash on the inside of his thighs and his lower stomach above his diaper. I have never seen or felt diaper rash so I'm not sure if that is what it is. The skin is bumpy and feels leathery. I have applied some A+D Ointment on it but I'm not seeing a difference. Do any other moms have any suggestions of anything else I should be applying? Does Desitin work better? Thanks, D.


Diaper Rash ?

My daughter got that nasty stomach virus that is going around and still is...


Diaper Rash Advice

My one year old son has had diaper rash for about two weeks and I can't get...

Home Remedies

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Looking for a Safe Natural Remedy

I'm looking for a safe natural remedy to get rid of herpes. When ever I get a really bad cold I always end up getting herpes in and around my nose. I think it must be from blowing my nose so much which cause my skin to become extremely agitated. My OB/GYN doesn't want me to use the Rx I have since I'm 14 weeks pregnant. I always feel extremely ugly when I get one and don't like to go out in public. With out meds I'm afarid it will take forever to clear up, since I still have my cold. So any help out there to help me clear up my nose...

Yeast Infection or Impetigo

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Diaper Rash with Yeast Infection

My one year old daughter got a yeast infection about a week and a half ago and she is at a in-home daycare all day. I wish she can walk around without her diaper on however it may not be possible at all times. I have used a prescription ointment to clear up the infection but the rash seemed to of burned her on the sides and now it doesn't seem to want to clear up. I tried using pure corn starch and just regular petroleum jelly to stop the redness. I also like to use triple paste. Does anyone have any suggestions on the best course of...


Help with Impetigo

my 18 month keeps getting impetigo around his mouth. I don't understand why...