Diaper Rash with Blisters

Updated on February 23, 2011
S.P. asks from Cincinnati, OH
6 answers

My daughter has a little irritation in her diaper area that has resulted in a blister. There is just one, and it appears to be filled with clear liquid; it's very small. We change her diaper often, use cloth diapers, and try to bathe her enough but not too often. I'm not as concerned with the cause of the blister, since I know she has sensitive skin. Is this normal? Any cause for concern? Anyone have any experience with this? When is a diaper rash enough of a concern to call the doctor?

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So What Happened?

The blister did eventually heal. I called her Dr. and he said contact blisters like this aren't common but are possible with the rubbing of a diaper. She just started to walk, so I'm guessing her diaper rubbed her a certain way.

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answers from Bloomington on

When my older son had horrible diaper rash, I called the Dr. and they told me they wouldn't see him unless he had blister, which he didn't. So, if I were you, I would call the Dr. For the nonblisteringf rash, they recommended dabbing Mylanta liquid with a cotton ball and coating with vaseline. It worked overnight!



answers from Buffalo on

Seeing that this is a girl she can have a couple of things going on she can have a bacterial infection, or a yeast infection or even a food allergy. I would call you doctor and describe it to him even email him/her a picture of the rash so they can see if they really want to see the baby or just phone in a script.

My daughter gets Yeast infections alot, but My son had a food allergy that looked the same. My oldest sone had the worst rashes when teathing.

Zink oxide is the best for healing skin so the original desitine extra stength has worked everytime for regular rashes, if a yeast infection Nystantin, if bacterial an antibiotic will be needed.

I would call, see what they say (pediatrician)



answers from Sacramento on

Sounds like the rash is a yeast infection. It's pretty common. Try putting a little anti-fungal cream on her in place of regular diaper rash cream for a few days.

Also, watch for thrush as that can come at the same time...

And if you wash her diapers at home, now would be a good time to boil them.




answers from Utica on

If it is in fact a rash and not a yeast infection put a small amount of Lanolin nipple cream over the blistered area to help protect it. My DD just had a crazy rash from teething and I used the nipple cream all over her little red bum and it was a million times better within 24 hrs.
Good Luck and I hope your little girl feels better soon


answers from Nashville on

my daughter had a horrible diaper rash before. Hers had a bunch of small blisters all on her butt. I noticed that using the over counter butt creams wasnt working so i took her to the doctor and they gave her some prescription cream. She had a yeast rash. I also coated her butt with vasaline so when she peed it wouldnt burn her from the blisters. also a yeast rash needs to be aired out so i would keep her diaper off alot and i bought some of the bed pads elderly people use and laid them in her crib for night time and nap time so her but could air out really good. I would take her to the ped.



answers from Cleveland on

I use california baby diaper cream, it's safe on cloth and is an anti fungal, i buy it at target.

That being said all my kids were prone to yeast infections, even my boys, which is why we are using cloth this time, so far between the diapers and the cream we haven't had any issues in 3 months with our new little man.

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