Diaper Rash: Infant, Nystatin

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Nystatin & Diarrhea

We seem to be in a downward spiral of maladies! Three weeks ago, my 6 mo.-old was diagnosed with Thrush. (Which in itself is weird since he's on the older side for Thrush, and I'm no longer nursing.) We were given Nystatin, and after now our third round it has proven to be ineffective. During all of this, he also developed diarrhea, and subsequently a HORRIBLE diaper rash that we're finding hard to battle. Several of you have suggested Gentian Violet, and I've heard it's messy. I'm OK with his mouth being blue/purple for a few days. But is...

Home Remedies

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When Nystatin Doesn't Work??

My son had an ear infection and was prescribe an oral antibiotic. As a result, he received a yeast rash. Over a week ago, I called my doctor and she called in a script for Nystatin. She said to put the Nystatin on first then put desitin/aquaphor/diaper cream on top to seal in the cream. I have been changing his diaper every time he pees and putting the cream on every time. I have been washing him nightly (fragrance free) and giving him a bit of yogurt (he's 6 months old). I have changed diaper brands three times and I even let him air...


Diaper Rash Remedies

Does anyone have any good diaper rash remedies? I've tried the over the...

Yeast Infection or Impetigo

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Nystatin for Yeast Diaper Rash Making It Worse???

My nine month old was diagnosed monday with a yeast diaper rash. She was prescribed nystatin cream to be applied four times daily. We started putting it on right away and it seems like the rash is getting worse and she cries everytime we out the cream on. Does anyone know if this 9worse before better and burning/hurting) is normal or if she might be having a reaction to it? I plan to call the pediatrician first thing in the morning but thought I'd ask for any insight you have to offer tonight. Thank you.