Pet Loss

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Death of a Pet

C.C. asks from Washington DC

How do/ did you help your child with the death of your pet? My 4 y/o is still asking for our cat to come sleep (he started to be her companion once out oldest went to...


The Death of a Pet

*.M. asks from Tucson

How do you tell children that their pet(cat) is child is 5 and one is 10........I'm asking for my sister!!!


Death of Pet

H.M. asks from Lewiston

We are in the process of finding out our dog may have cancer. In order to find out, he has to have major surgery next week. If it is, it is a death sentence. He is...


How Do You Explain the Death of a Pet to a Toddler?

J.C. asks from Boston

Hi Mamas, I've written before and gotten wonderful answers/advice/help from everyone - thank you all so much. My question today is: how do you explain the death of ...


Kids Book to Help Deal with Pet Death...

R.D. asks from Richmond

Are there any really good children's books anyone can recommend to help a child overcome their grief of the death of a beloved pet? Ages 4-6... or whatever's good is ...


When to Tell Four-year-old That Pet Has Died

S.B. asks from Los Angeles

Hi Moms - Our beloved, 20-year-old cat died on Thursday night. Obviously, at that age, it was not unexpected. My husband and I had a disagreement about when to tel...


My Son's Dog Died :(

L.J. asks from Chattanooga

My son, who is 18, has a dog that we were watching while he visited family out of state for 3 weeks and it DIED yesterday on our watch (nothing we did wrong--long sto...


Death of a Pet

L.E. asks from San Francisco

So my parent's dog just passed away yesterday and I need your wisdom in how to prepare my 3y/o for the fact that he will not be there the next time we go over. He's ...


Death of a Beloved Pet

K.M. asks from Charlotte

I need some help deciding how to explain the death of our dog Cooper to our 3 year old, CAllie. Cooper is 14 years old and has multiple cancers. We will probably ha...


7 Year Old Obsessed with Death of Pet

J.E. asks from Houston

Hi Moms! I really need help with this one. My daughter is 7 and has become increasingly obsessed with death, mostly revolving around the death of a beloved pet, but...