Early Puberty

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Early Puberty

L.L. asks from York

My 7 year old girl has been dealing with BO for the past year. BUT now, I found that she has pubic hair. After searching this subject I learned that many parents (or ...


Puberty at 7 ? ? ?

A.C. asks from Greensboro

My daughter is 7yrs old (she weighs 49lbs) and has a lump on one breast so I took her to the dr today to have it checked out and the dr said that the lump was actuall...


Early Puberty???

S.D. asks from St. Louis

Hi Moms...I'm a little freaked out. My eight year old daughter was in the shower last night...and I noticed that she has the beginnings of pubic hair!! My jaw dropp...



J.S. asks from New York

My 8 year old special needs daughter is starting to go through puberty. I am beside myself. Besides the fact that she is so young, she is also immature. My pediatrici...



L.H. asks from Cleveland

So my 11 year old is going through early puberty. Is it just me or does this mean ignore mommy and only listen to what I want to hear! Wow he's changed. How long will...



T.D. asks from Boston

Hi! So, i'm noticing some changes in my 9 year old daughter. I'm getting a little freaked (on the inside, don't worry, I'm not showing her that i'm freaked in any w...


Early Puberty????

S.P. asks from Chicago

Hi I just took my 6 yr old to the doctor because she had a little hair under her arms and a couple of dark hairs on her pubic area. The Dr. said that she would have...


Early Puberty??

M.P. asks from Los Angeles

My daughter will be 8 in a month. She has just started developing a small amount of very light pubic hair. I am very worried. I am going to make her a doctor's app...



M.F. asks from Detroit

Good Day all. My daughter is 9 and we have just learned that her friend has recently had her first period at the age of 10. I was not prepared at all to have this...



M.K. asks from Detroit

i was about 15 when I started my period. I always assumed that my daughters would enjoy the same late start. recently my 10 year old daughter was putting her bathing ...