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Updated on October 15, 2007
E.M. asks from Louisville, KY
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Im currently finishing up my degree in early childhood and next friday i have to teach a lesson. it can be reading/writing or numbers.... i need to have some sort of activity or movement. the children are 4 years old and very bright any ideas would help a lot! thanks!

ok forgot to mention this part lol its fire safety theme and the letter is F

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answers from Birmingham on

What about outdoor hopscotch? That would be active and fun.. Line 'em up and everyone can get a turn to jump to a number you pick, or their age, or based on how many --- whatevers -- you can count outside



answers from Jacksonville on

When my boys were that age we played Bingo...It was a blast and they really learned number/pattern recognition. Just a thought...



answers from Louisville on

Hi E.
My best girlfriend is an elementary school teacher...she just finished her degree last year and this is her first year teaching. The other day she was telling me about a special activity she did with her students and I thought it was so unique and cute....She went to the bookstore and bought a book about fireflies(there are tons of those in the kids section at any bookstore) and she got a large clear glass jar and filled it with lights(the small christmas lights) and plugged them into the wall of her classroom (those were supposed to be firelies in the jar) she shut off all the lights and pulled the shades so it was dim while she read them the story aloud...the kids LOVED it!!! I thought it was kind of a cool way to get the kids interested in the book she was reading them.
Hope this helps some, or at least sparks a new idea of your own!!!



answers from Birmingham on

i have found http://www.trip1.org to be very helpful with my k4 daughter. there are TONS of sites listed with a variety of activities, projects, lessons, & free worksheets available to print!
i hope you find this site to be as useful as i have.



answers from Gadsden on

Hi E.~
I went to a Kid Crafter class last week & learned a few neat Ideas.
One deals with the entire alphabet. You have to think that letters land on 3 different planes (like when you write them on tablet paper). Up top, in the middle & below the bottom line. So, you incorporate this into an "Exercise"!!! You lift your hands up in the air above your head for letters like b,d,f,etc. On your hips for letters in the middle, such as, a,c,e,o. And touch your toes for letters down below, such as, g,j,p. It is something that gets them on their feet, let's them move & expands their mind. Cause they have to actually visualize what the letter looks like & the movement helps them to remember. I thought this was awesome!
You can also take in magazines and let them cut out pictures of things that start with the letter "f" in the magazine. And you can take say 3 sandwich baggies (zipper kind) & staple them together at the bottom, put an index card in each one & let them create a "Letter F Book". this was pretty neat too!
Something else that my daughter got that we began using at the class was a little pair of plastic scissors. And we began cutting out circles. She LOVES those scissors. And if she sneaks around & gets them without my knowing...no biggie. They won't cut anything else.
Hope any of this helps....Good Luck! But above all .....HAVE FUN! That is what these little 4 yr olds are looking for.



answers from Montgomery on

you can google it. type in a lesson plan for 4 year olds, and you can even print out color sheets to go along with your lesson. Good Luck!



answers from Louisville on

you can get counting bears. they sell them at wal-mart. They are great. They are not only great for counting, but for learning colors also because they come in different colors. How many blue do I have, if I add 2 more red ones how many does that make, etc.



answers from Huntsville on

When I taught Spanish to that age group, I used a lot of music and puppets. They LOVED the puppets and were eager to do whatever the puppets told them to do. They also loved songs with actions.
I hope this helps.

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