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Double Strollers

K.P. asks from New York

Good morning- I figured that I could sort through 1000 online reviews or just ask the experts... I am having our second child in April and our older will turn 4 in...


Holding Baby Too Much??

L.B. asks from Springfield

i have a 3 month old son and when he was around 3 weeks he had colic so since then we have always held him to calm him down, well hes better now but he doesnt want us...


Seeking Moms Who Used a Sling

A.M. asks from Minneapolis

I have asked several questions to this board and have received such great responses that I thought I would ask about the sling to get feedback from others that have t...


Getting Out with Two Children

V.M. asks from Norfolk

I have a 2 year old and a 4 month old and am having a hard time getting out of the house. When it was just my two year old I would do activities and go places but I ...


Need Help Loving My Daughter

A.T. asks from Provo

Hello wise mothers, my husband and I are having a problem. We have 8 month old boy/girl twins who are very different in their personalities. Our son is easy going, pa...


Recommend Your Baby Sling/wrap

L.K. asks from Boise

We're due with our second child this summer and with our first I used a Baby Bjorn but it really hurt my back. I'm wondering if there are other, more comfortable ways...


To Moby Wrap or Not to Moby Wrap

H.H. asks from Los Angeles

So I just bought one on Amazon and am afraid I'm all ready going to regret it. It looks so complicated and I'm the worst at instructions. I all ready have the Bjorn...


Crying Newborn

K.K. asks from Omaha

HI, i have a 4 week old little boy who wants only me to hold him ALL of the time!! He could be in a deep sleep and as soon as i lay him down, rather it be his swing o...


Shopping for a Good Baby Carrier

S.S. asks from Sacramento

I am about to have baby #2 and was told that a "must have" is a front carrier for the new baby. Since there are SOOO many choices out there I was looking for some adv...


Gift for Preemie?

P.C. asks from Los Angeles

Hi there - a close friend just had a very premature baby. I was wondering if any other moms out there had preemies and what gifts they found the most useful. he is b...