To Moby Wrap or Not to Moby Wrap

Updated on August 24, 2010
H.H. asks from San Clemente, CA
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So I just bought one on Amazon and am afraid I'm all ready going to regret it. It looks so complicated and I'm the worst at instructions. I all ready have the Bjorn (husband likes it), and somewhere I think I can find the Naitive baby sling bought with my first. I'm afraid I'm headed for a 4th baby wearing device. What I don't like about the Moby is that it seems complicated, that I'll be hot in it, and that its a little too "mommed" out. Like I have to wear it like a shirt and I might as well go buy elastic waisted cotton pants and through my makeup out while I'm at it. Thoughts?

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answers from Los Angeles on

I absolutely love the Moby. I have two year old twins and still use mine. I carried both babies in it until they were about 4 months old. My husband and I both love it. It's so much more comfortable for parent and baby than the Bjorn. The only downside is that it is sometimes too warm in the summer.

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answers from Houston on

The only regret I have about my Moby Wrap was that I didn't buy it sooner! I had all the same reservations as you...but they were quickly set aside once I started using it. I only used it at home for the first couple of days, but felt 100% percent secure after that.

It is hot...but so is a sling and any other carrier...heck, just carrying your baby can cause you to break a sweat. I live in Houston and you can break out in a sweat just standing still so it wasn't such a big deal...I loved the convenience.

It is easy to clean, has a short learning curve, and it is really secure. I used it until my daughter was about a year...she was too tall for a front carry at that point and I never quite mastered a back carry. My second favorite carrier is a Calyx which is a buckle-type mei tai carrier which is what I bought next.

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answers from Gainesville on

Try looking for a baby wearing group in your area. They can be a wealth of info on proper wearing techniques.

And don't feel like you will be too "mommed" out. I not even really sure how that's possible. Wearing baby and being close is one of the most soothing and comforting things you can do for baby. Baby wearing has a host of benefits. Check out what Dr. Sears has to say about it. I wore both my babies and still do with my 25 month old and you wouldn't catch me in elastic waist pants! lol

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answers from Chicago on

I've tried wearing mine a half dozen times and still haven't been able to get it on right.



answers from Los Angeles on

Heidi, there is a phenomenal BABYWEARING group here in L.A. called KOALA L.A. led by the very AMAZING Traci Cummings. Her monthly meetings are incredible, and she offers a BABYWEARING LENDING LIBRARY where you can borrow slings/ wraps/ carriers to try for yourself. Her # is: (213) 300~8275, and her e~mail is is truly a BABYWEARING ADVOCATE! : ) Just so you know....there is a small dono request for the meetings and when you borrow anything from the library, though the cost is minimal compared to the sage advice you receive from Traci in return. I highly recommend contacting her with your request. And, I so invite you to join our KOALA L.A. YAHOO GROUP: where you can get advice, post news, and buy and sell slings and wraps and BWing things.

Also, is an amazing place to find more data on slings/ wraps/ carriers for us BABY WEARING MAMAS and even buy and sell them!

And, just so you know I love my TODDLERHAWK MEI TAI!

And, my 2 other favorite BABY CARRIERS are the CALYX and of course....the BECO BUTTERFLY!

ENJOY! : )

With love,
L. (BWing MAMA to adventurously spirited, 2 year old, Dylan Orion......29 September 2007). : )



answers from Phoenix on

I bought one with my second baby and I didn't care for it. I tried several different holds/ties and I never felt like my son was secure enough and it was a little uncomfortably warm (he was a summer baby). I've seen a lot of moms out and about that seem pretty happy with them but I don't think they're for everyone. Mine sat in the closet for a year and then I gave it to Goodwill. If you wanna try it, don't be worried about looking 'mommed out' though-- I've seen a lot of very cute, hip mommies wearing them. :)



answers from Los Angeles on

LOVE my Moby.

After 7 different slings, Bjorn's etc, I wish I had bought this with my first baby. It took me 3 tries to get it right, but the deal was, I found someone to show me. I was able to breasfeed my 3 day old, completely covered while I shoopped for girl clothes. No one saw her, no one touched her and all we had were boy clothing. We then took the kids on a 2 week motorhome trip along the Oregon coast when she was 3 months old and we hiked to all of the light houses while she rode in front....snug as a bug, warm and happy she could see everything.

This is the first carrier where my back wasn't fatigued within 10 minutes. I carried her for hours....hiking, nonetheless. My husband even loved wearing her and I thought for sure he'd NEVER put it on.



answers from Dallas on

I have many friends who have said once you get used to it, that they love it. They did say, that it's not best once the babies get older. I am very petite and I tried the Moby, but I felt like I was drowning in fabric. There are videos on youtube, that help with showing how to use it. As far as I know, you can't carry a baby on your back with the Moby. (I may be wrong on that, but I remember reading it somewhere) The Baby Bjorn can only accommodate a baby up to 25 pounds. Personally, I love the Ergo. It can carry more weight and is very comfortable.



answers from Los Angeles on

The Moby was great when my girls, both premie, were very young (esp. before holding their heads on their own; they were very secure, slept well in it, nursed in it (although I found this tricky), and then loved facing out.
I switch to Ergo once they're bigger because it's easier to get them out while sleeping. What I don't like about Ergo is they can't face outward. There are some newer styles that allow that - maybe babyhawk? Be cautious with which you choose- I was told Bjorn causes spinal compression- I think because the base isn't wide enough? Or could be anytime their legs hang? Those groups others referenced will surely help you out.
happy babywearing!

I guess I should add: it can get warm- like them all, but it's very comfortable on your back & shoulders; it's simple enough to put on once you practice a few times, and it's not the prettiest accessory- but like another said, your baby IS, so you won't care. (:


answers from Nashville on

I absolutely LOVED my Moby wrap. I used it for so many things. When my daughter was a newborn, I loved the different ways I could wrap her and not have to worry about her head bobbing around all the time. Also, it is great for doing skin to skin. The wrap covers so much that you can carry your baby around the house with both of you not wearing a shirt and not be exposed. It can cover the majority of your torso. I wouldn't go out like that in public since you have to wrap after you get out of the car, but if you are wearing it at home and the UPS guy unexpectedly shows up, you can answer the door without giving him a show. My daughter was really fussy and loved being held skin to skin so it was a life saver for me.

When she was old enough to hold her head on her own, she loved being carried in the wrap facing forward. I love how evenly the weight was distributed and it didn't really feel like I was carrying any extra weight. Also, the Moby wrap supports the baby softly under the legs where as other baby carriers, including the Bjorn, can put pressure on their femoral artery and can potentially cause damage.

I can say from experience that it takes a few tries to get the wrap down really well but once you do, it is so simple. I recommend it to everyone I know! Good luck!



answers from Los Angeles on

I love the Moby Wrap! I just use the basic way of wrapping it. It is really good for my daughter when she is a little sleepy. I like using it after work because she wants to be right with me and I can start preparing dinner without missing quality baby time.



answers from Honolulu on

I love the mobi wrap idea, I don't like the actual mobi wrap as it is sold. I ended up going to a fabric store and buying 6 yards of woven fabric and mobing with that.



answers from Los Angeles on

I never felt like I could get mine secure enough either, but I have plenty of other friends who LOVE Moby wraps and other similar types of wraps.

When I was living up in LA, there was a place that offered "sling clinics" and you could go in and learn how to wear the baby in different slings and different holds. You can see if a place like Milkalicious in Aliso Viejo or the education program at your hospital offers anything similar.

Good luck!
K. - the best place to connect with OC moms. Consider this your invitation!



answers from San Diego on

I loved my moby. The wrapping just takes a bit of practice, and you will learn what feels good for you and your baby. Bjorn hurt my back, and I didn't feel my baby was secure in a sling. Moby was so comfortable and cozy, and most importantly freed up my hands with a baby who needed to be held a lot. It's not as convenient going out if you're going to wrap and unwrap - I had a black moby and I would wear it over a black tank (when going out) so it wasn't such a big deal. Most important, my daughter was cozy and happy in it. I could put her in and she would go to sleep and I could do what I needed to do.



answers from New York on

I LOVE my Mobi! My daughter is almost 5 weeks old and I have been using it for just a few days. I wish I had gotten it sooner!! It takes a little time getting used to it, but it's worth it. It's also great if your baby has any gas or reflux.

My daughter had horrible gas since she was 1 week and would scream in pain. The only time she wasn't screaming was when she was eating or sleeping. I did a great deal of research on how to help her and one site recommended "babywearing". In just this short time I have already been able to cut the Mylacon out. She still gets gas sometimes, but carrying her upright and often has made her a much happier baby!

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