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Skin Care for 10 Year Old

K.W. asks from Chattanooga

My Granddaughter has rough bumps on her face and the back of her arms. Description: red bumps and some have whiteheads, feels like sand paper. The doctor says nothi...



A.P. asks from Fort Wayne

My 3 and a half month old has eczema. The doctor said to put hydrocortizone creme .5% on the affected areas and then put a moisturizer on top of it. He recommended Aq...


Is This a Food Allergy

T.P. asks from Chicago

My daughter is 6 weeks old and has a "rash" on her face. It seems to come and go. After she feeds (Similac Advanced w/ Iron) it gets red. About 20 min later it's jus...


1 Year Old with Severe Eczema and Food Allergies-Any Suggestions

L.D. asks from Detroit

I have a 1 year old son with severe eczema. He is allergic to milk, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, strawberries, bananas, pineapples, grapes, polyester,acrylic, and who ...


Dealing with Eczema

R.R. asks from Dallas

I am the "momma" of a wonderful 9 almost 10 month old boy. He is having a tough time with the itchy, dry skin that eczema causes. There are times when it seems that...


Acid Mantle (Cream Mixed with Hydrocortisone) - Is It Safe?

J.L. asks from Philadelphia

I have a 15 month old son who has extremely sensitive skin and had horrible ezcema (sp?) since he was an infant. We found out that it was mostly caused by an allergy...


3 Year Old's Dry, Itchy Hands

H.M. asks from Phoenix

My daughter started preschool a couple of months ago and they have her wash her hands very frequently. She now has extremely dry, cracked hands. I had the class switc...


Odd Ongoing Rash on 6 Month Old's Face

S.I. asks from Johnson City

Hi moms! At around 3 1/2 months old my daughter developed a small, roundish, red, rough, rash on her cheek. When I took her to her 4 month check-up I asked the ped an...


5 Year Old and Night Terrors

B.F. asks from New York

I am at my wits end! My 5 year old son is waking with Night Terrors every night. It usually occurs between 1 and half to two hours after he falls asleep. It is awful....


Help for Son with Acne

T.L. asks from Los Angeles

My 13 year old is really starting to get acne. He has always had an abundance of sweat glands, he even used to sweat as an infant when he nursed! Any suggestions fo...