Vasoline in 6 Year Old Long Hair!

Updated on January 19, 2009
E.B. asks from Muncie, IN
10 answers

What is the best way to get vasoline out of my 6 year old daughters very long thick hair?
I have tried Dawn dish soap and Tide laundry soap.

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So What Happened?

Well I used some baking soda 2 times so far and it is out all except around her scalp.

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answers from Toledo on

wash it and wash it and wash it, I got paint in my hair and vasaline was the answer to that. Washing it got it out. It took more than 3 washes I remember that.

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answers from Columbus on

First off try something to absorb the greasy stuff like paper towels. You might want to heat up the hair a bit with a blow dryer first.Then you could put a dry powder in her hair for about an hour to help absorb more of it then wash. It will take a while for it to wear off but you can get most of it out.



answers from Indianapolis on

Try rubbing baking soda in the hair. Make sure you use conditioner after because it does dry out the hair. Good Luck!



answers from Indianapolis on

Thank God I have not had to deal with it myself but I hear that Miracle Whip will do the trick!

Good Luck



answers from Fort Wayne on

We are currently fighting this battle in our home right now! Here is what worked for us, Lots and lots and lots of cornstarch, rub it into the hair and let it go to work absorbing. We did this 3 times then washed with head and shoulders clarifying shampoo. Then, we washed the hair with dawn dish soap. The vaseline is pretty well gone. My kids put an entire tub of the stuff in their hair. What fun.

Good luck!



answers from Columbus on

I am very much a google it person if I don't know so - I googled this and there are a lot of sites - and it appears the cornstarch is the way to go.

Good luck - I am sure it will eventually just disappear.



answers from Lafayette on

my son got into a family size jar of vasiline when he was 3 & decided to coat himself in it from head to toe. getting it off his skin was easy, i jut let him soak in tub for about an hour, when the water started to get cool, i ran more to keep it warm. his hair was the fun part. I found that suave "daily clarifying" worked really well. it only took 3 washes to get it out. good luck & God be with you.



answers from Cleveland on

Time. It will wear out.



answers from Cincinnati on

Call a beauty salon they should be able to tell you what to use. I am thinking power to soak up the vaslaline and help it to clump then was in prell which is the strongest shampoo and will strip hair. Might work try it. Or I am sure you don't want to hear this but as a last resort cut the hair very short.



answers from Columbus on

we have purposefully put aquaphor in our infants' hair (our babies have long hair) to help with cradle cap & the only way to get the goop out that we found was to wash it again & again & again & again (we used baby soap, but i'm sure any type of soap or shampoo works). if nothing else, it usually makes for a good photo op :o)

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