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How Do I Get My Kids to Do Chores?

M.T. asks from Chicago

Ok, Ithis is probably a silly question but I feel like I need some direction. I have waited too long to start this and part of it is my fault. I have 3 kids ages 13 ...


Chore/reward Chart for 4 Year Old

R.C. asks from Dayton

Dear Moms, I need help. My daughter recently turned 4 years old and I think she need some sort of chore/reward chart. Does anyone have a recommendation of the type o...


Suggestions on "Behavior Charts": What Has Worked for You?

D.W. asks from Norfolk

I need ideas from other moms on what type of Behavior chart or rewards system worked for your toddlers. My daughter is 4 1/2 and attends preschool 2 days a week where...


Reward Charts or Something

D.A. asks from Dallas

I want to do some type of reward system for my boys but wanted to get ideas from other mommies that have done this too. I know there are actual charts you can use bu...


Behavioral Chart

A.R. asks from Philadelphia

Does anyone have a good idea for making a chart for a 4-year-old? I want to make a chart to put on the fridge and have him get maybe an "X" each time he doesn't list...


Behavior Chart for a 5 Year Old and a 3 Year Old

S.K. asks from Sacramento

So my question is this, do you do two different charts with two different systems? My husband wants to create a system where the kids have ten points each day. He w...


Sticker Charts Do They Work? What Tasks to Put on Them?

R.T. asks from Dallas

Hi ladies, My daughter seems thrilled to be able to get stickers at her preschool. She gets really excited so I thought I might try this at home to improve her beh...


Travelling with Toddlers

J.G. asks from Chicago

I am going to be going on an 8 hour plane ride (non-stop) with a four and a half year old and a three year old...any ideas as to how to keep them entertained...beside...


Train Set for X-mas

L.A. asks from New York

Ladies - Any recommendations for a train set for our 14month old? Could do a wood one, or maybe something without tracks at all would be better. Noisy and flashy ...


Sticker Charts

J.G. asks from Rockford

Mostly just curious here, but at what age did any of you momma's start using sticker charts? what did you use them for, like chores or training? And did they work?