How Do You Organize All Your Membership and Rewards Cards?

Updated on March 19, 2012
E.M. asks from Chicago, IL
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I've got a zillion store membership cards for various rewards programs. I also have cards for the zoo, arboretum and local museums. Not to mention random gift cards that I've been given, but have yet to spend. I don't have enough room in my wallet to carry all this stuff!

Right now the cards are kept in a folder in my kitchen, along with some floating in random drawers, and some stuffed into my wallet.

Anyone have ideas on how to keep everything organized? Should I keep these in my car's glove box, so I always have them on hand when shopping, etc...?

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So What Happened?

Wonder if the keyring app will work on my Ipad without being connected via WiFi? (I don't have a smart phone and am not paying for the monthly 4G connection.) I'll give it a shot. Otherwise, I like the plastic card holder idea.

Thanks everyone! Anyone have other ideas, feel free to keep posting!

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answers from Dallas on

Hey Beth you stole my answer! ;) Yes Beth is correct...Keyring App is awesome and no longer have to carry around cards or junk up my keychain. I have even had cashiers ask me "What app is that?" because they wanted to load it on their phones too!

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answers from San Francisco on

Wait! You mean to tell me they're not supposed to be crammed in various places in my purse?

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answers from New York on

alot of the times u get those cards they also give u the keychain ones.. i only have a couple so theyre on my keys mom on the other hand has like a million so she has a seperate little key chain she puts them all on and keep them in a little zipper pocket in her purse.. for the ones u dont get the keychain ones with or gift cards.. i would get a small box or something like that keep them in there and put them in the glovebox or center console of the car



answers from Chicago on

I got a 4x6 photo album, that is thin and closes like a wallet. I put my cards and also put coupons for the stores I frequent in there. It looks nice (it's just silver) and fits perfect in my purse.



answers from Pittsburgh on

For me, if it doesn't have a key fob tag, I don't use it.

Personally, for what you're describing, I'd keep them in an envelope in my glove box.



answers from Augusta on

there's an app for that.

Seriously I have an App on my phone called " keyring" that I have scanned all my little reward program cards in. The cashier can just scan my phone , it shows the barcode on the screen.

eta: you use the phone camera to scan them in.



answers from Chicago on

if I have to carry a card around, I tell them I don't want it. If they can look it up by phone number or I can store the member number in my phone, I handle it that way. I only carry my phone, my drivers license, insurance card and debit card. It's a great freedom!



answers from Provo on

I try not to keep gift cards around too long - otherwise I lose them or they expire :p. Other than that - I just have a large wallet...I like the little photo album idea :).



answers from Dallas on

We don't have a ton, but they can be annoying.

My hubby took a whole punch to the larger cards (the key ring cards already have it) and put them all on a key ring. He leaves it in a pocket in his truck. Then he just grabs it when he goes shopping.

Mine are in a cigarette case. I have never smoked, but found a pretty case years and years ago. Cards fit perfectly in the case. I leave it in a pocket of my purse. (Membership cards stay in my wallet with the credit cards, I don't want to panic if I misplace the reward cards). My MIL bought herself a cigarette case when she saw what I did with mine.


answers from Chicago on

I ordered some 9-pocket clear page protectors (sometimes described as baseball card protectors) on Amazon and use those for membership cards, etc. The pages are hole punched to fit into a 3 ring binder, which is great. I can also tuck a coupon behind the card, etc. Everything is organized & ready to go so I just grab it when I'm heading out to run errands.


answers from Milwaukee on

I have never had luck with the key ring app. The reflection from the screen causes it not to work with the cashiers scanner. They just end up typing in the number.

I hate carrying around a bunch of stuff so I don't use them. The only place that really give a good savings with one is my grocery store, and I can just use my phone number there, so I don't carry the card.



answers from Washington DC on

I have a separate wallet for the cards that are cards only (not in sleeves, but in pockets together). I keep it in my purse. If it's something specific to DD, it goes in the front pocket of her backpack (like our museum club reward card).

For anything with a key tag, I got this key tag holder at CVS and it protects them. My library key tag snapped in half, but the new tag has been fine in the carrier. Note, though, don't use the kind that holds them with a screw. You want to replace that with either a regular key ring or buy the kind with a loop.



answers from Savannah on

For store memberships: I ask the cashier "Do I need the card, or can I just type in my cell number?" (I only give the cell number out because nobody calls cells, and I don't want to be bothered at home by a store). All the grocery stores and the 1 store at the mall I have a reward card for can take my phone number instead of the card, so I threw the cards in the trash. I still get the rewards.
For the Blockbuster and the library, they take my drivers license as well as the cards, so I threw away the cards---I always have my license on hand, so that's easy.
For places you don't go everyday: the zoo, arboretum, museums, season passes to an amusement park, stuff like that....AND the gift cards---I put them in a little file thing. At Walmart (or anywhere---last week Target had them in the $1 section) in the office supplies thing, they have little accordian file things that are just a bit bigger than a checkbook, and it has 9 tabs. I have one and labeled it to keep my coupons (food, bath, cleaning, kids, misc, going out are my coupon labels). There were several other tabs, so one of them is for gift cards, one for "passes", another for little recipes I pick up while visiting a friend, or passed out at a store, and want to try. (They have to EARN a spot in my recipe box, lol...and I try at least 1 new recipe every week, so that works fine). I keep my little file on the desk unless I'm going out shopping (I make a list ahead of time, pick out the coupons I'll be using on the shopping list, and slip the ones I'm using into the very front pocket so I'm not sorting through a bunch of junk in line). But also, yeah---if we're going to make a little trip to the zoo or wherever, just pick up your file and pull the pass out of the "passes" tab.



answers from Seattle on

I saw on Pinterest yesterday that someone punched a hole in all of them and keeps them all on a separate keyring in her purse!

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