Hang onto Rewards Codes?

Updated on October 15, 2011
C.R. asks from Birmingham, AL
6 answers

Reading the "fine print" for rewards codes (My Coke Rewards or Huggies) I noticed that they say to keep the codes for possible verification. Seriously?! I don't collect a ton of points, but that seems like too much work.

Have you been asked to verify your codes when redeeming them for rewards?
Do you save codes just in case? Or do you toss them once entered into the website?


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So What Happened?

Off to throw them away now...

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answers from Washington DC on

nope, once they are entered, I toss them. if they want to "verify" my codes? I don't need what they are selling...

toss 'em

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answers from San Antonio on

I toss them. Granted, I've never won anything from Coke. Won a $10 gift card to Lowes with an 'instant win' game (with Huggies) about a year ago. They just mailed me the gc though. Nothing else. (BTW - go to freebies4mom dot com for free Huggies codes.)

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answers from Minneapolis on

I'm a mycokerewards fanatic. Of course sweepstaking is my hobby, lol. I actually just started saving my codes because I read in the mycokerewards rules you have to do that. I enter a lot of codes, and I guess I'm just paranoid that if I ever do win one of those trips they'll want to verify. Yes, I'm also saving my used McDonalds monopoly pieces, but I'll throw those out soon when that one is all done.

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answers from Dothan on

Toss! Where the H--- do you put them??? Like we aren't already 'saving' 10 million things for DH, for kidz in school, important papers, pictures, pictures the kidz made, things we might use in the next millenium, etc.!

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answers from St. Louis on

I toss them once I have entered them. I only do Coke though. I just used my points to purchase 2 movie tickets, 2 drinks and 1 popcorn. I am going to surprise hubby with a nice date night that is free! Since my co-worker's give me their points all I have to do is enter them.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I tend to view those types of promotions like the "air miles" type of credit cards--not worth the time or effort. God bless those who are diligent enough to do it, though!

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