Bribery: Albuterol

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Help with Taking Asthma Meds..

B.R. asks from Topeka

Hello my 3 year old son was just diagnosed with Asthma. I am suppose to give him albuterol through a chamber when needed. My problem is he will not put the chamber to...


16 Month Old Refusing Necessary Nebulizer Treatments

K.L. asks from Macon

My 16 month old daughter needs 4x daily nebulizer treatments. The doctor says the mask will not do, she must put the nozzle in her mouth and inhale or breathe in the...


How Do I Get My Son to Take His Medicine

T.S. asks from Portland

My son is 21 months and has pneumonia. He needs to take his liquid antibotics (bubblegum flavored) but is screaming, crying and spitting it out. My husband and I trie...


Nebulizing Baby While Pregnant

K.D. asks from Denver

Does anyone know a good way to nebulize a baby without having to breathe in the medicine? Also, are there good activities to do to help with the last few minutes of ...


Toddler Vs. Inhaler

A.H. asks from Cleveland

I took my then 15m/0 dtr. to the MD in the spring b/c she seemed to have a cold that lasted 4ever. When I described that she only had trouble with the coughing when ...


2 Year Old Fighting Medicine

S.K. asks from Dallas

Second question of the evening...lots of mommy stuff on my mind, as always! My two year old has his first ear infection :( He's had a couple of illnesses requiri...


2 Year Old Won't Stay in Bed... HELP

K.J. asks from Louisville

I am a newly single (recently seperated) mom of 2 awesome kids. My "husband" lives on the other side of the country so he rarely sees our children. I have always been...


Taking Asthma Treatments

M.H. asks from Cleveland

I have a 2 1/2 yr old that fusses and refusses to do his daily treatments. He was diagnosed with Asthma and allergies from the time he was 6 mo. old and when he was l...



L.G. asks from St. Louis

My 10 month daughter has had a rough winter. On New Year's Eve she came down with RSV, which took about 2 weeks to clear up and get her back to normal. Then on the ...


Severe Hives

S.P. asks from Norfolk

Hi, my daughter has broke out with hives this past Monday. Took her to the doctor, was told to give her childrens claritin, and if still uncomfortable to give Child...