Anyone Know About the Kmart Rewards Program and the Sears Rewards Program?

Updated on August 20, 2011
V.M. asks from Conneaut, OH
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I"m having trouble with the sears website, I know sears and kmart are afiliated but i don't understand about this program, You are supposed to earn point for making purchases. and then go online and order a gift card for what ever when you had enough points. I was in sears yesterday and the cashier told me after i made my purchase i could have used my point towards my purchase and paid less cash. So i'm wondering first if i use my sears credit card at kmart do those points go on my sears rewards or is there a separate kmart reward? that would have separate points.
and #2 does anyone know if it is a better value to wait and order a credit card would it be worth more than the cash at the resgitar. sorry kids are hollering can't explain it better
if anyone knows i would apprecaite it thanks

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answers from Washington DC on

As far as the points, there are 2 seperate rewards cards for Sears and Kmart. Sears is blue and Kmarts is red. That is where the difference ends. A customer can have a card from one of the locations, and still use it at the other. I get customers that make a large purchase at Sears, then come into Kmart to redeem the points that they just received. If you have a Sears credit card, then the points from the purchase goes onto the Sears or Kmart rewards card, whichever the customer has aquired. If you do have seperate rewards cards for kmart and sears, I am not sure, but I think that the points will go on the sears rewards card. Also if you do have both rewards cards, you can contact customer service at to have the two accounts combined into one account.



answers from Cincinnati on

ok they are not "affilated" sears owns kmart. there is not a seperate rewards card for kmart. kmart associates are suppose to even ask you to apply for a sears card (my last job was at kmart and I worked almost every position in the store from cashier, department lead, to backroom) my mom loves her sears reward card and uses to points to buy my sons christmas gifts last yr at kmart (she had a lot of points from buying several appliances at sears)


answers from Washington DC on

anytime you use the Shop your way rewards card - like you would any other customer card, it is credited to your account...

They are both the same - KMArt and Sears.

The choice is yours - whatever fits your need at the time and the points you have earned!!! I just use my points like coupons to save money!


answers from Milwaukee on

Are you talking about the rewards program at sears where you spend so much and get something back after spending a certain amoung for exmapl: spend certian amount on kids clothes you get a certian amount back either through a gift card or that amount off your next purchase? In this case it is only for that ceritain store.

Or are you talking about your Sears Credit Card rewards? If you use it at both places then it is should be the same rewards program since you are using the same card. As far as the amount you get back that would be the same either through the store or gift card.



answers from Miami on

I have the card. You can use the rewards card at Sears and Kmart, and Land's End, as well, I believe. I do not know about the gift card you are talking about. BUT, for every dollar you spend at Sears OR Kmart, either at the store or online (be sure to enter your card number in the appropriate place when purchasing online) and you will earn points that come in the form of monetary credits that you can use in place of money. We just purchased a new front loading washer and dryer from Sears online. I entered my rewards card number and I accrued something like $80. Last week I went to Kmart to purchase some items and the cashier asked me if I'd like to redeem my "points" for my purchase. Of course I said, "Yes!" It was money I didn't have to spend and it's easy to use...just remember to give them your card every time you check out.

You do not get separate points from Kmart or Sears. It does not matter which store you shop at, you can redeem the points at either location and you accrue them from both stores.

To my knowledge, the Sears credit card has nothing to do with the Rewards card program. I do NOT own a Sears credit card. Interest rate is too high.

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