Bribery: First Years

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Dr. Lauras New Book Urging Moms to Choose to Stay at Home

T.W. asks from Johnson City

What do you ladies think about Dr. Laura's new book talking about moms choosing to stay at home. What were some of the reasons you chose to work or stay at home. Wh...


Needing Ways to Handle Child with ADD?

A.W. asks from Killeen

My sister adopted a foster child a year ago and when she got him, she was informed that he had ADD and was on medication. Both my sister and her husband don't like th...


6 Year Old Son Acts Socially Immature but Is Above Average in School

L.B. asks from Philadelphia

My 6 year old son is an only child. He is very bright and does above average in school. Most days at school he has good behavior but about every 8 school days he ge...


Sylvan, Kumon, or Neither?

L.W. asks from Portland

Hi there! Just wondering if any of you have experience with Sylvan or Kumon or the likes. I am looking to get my 4th grader some extra help in Math mostly. I know it'...


Car Seat for a Large Toddler

B.H. asks from Atlanta

My daughter is 18 months and weighs 30 pounds and it about 33 inches tall. We have to get a new car seat to accommodate her. We tried a Graco 3 in 1 but the crotch ...


2 Year Old with Self-harming Tantrums

M.S. asks from Portland

My son will be 2 in June. We just moved into a new house, and my son is sick. Over the last week, his behavior is completely changing! He found a stray pacifier an...


Looking for Decent Quality Sneakers

J.H. asks from Orlando

Has anyone found decent quality shoes for toddlers that don't cost $30 - $50? Our little girl's feet are still growing pretty quickly so I don't want to spend a lot b...


I Have a 5 1/2 Year Old Girl Who Is Wetting Her Bed, 1 or 2 Times a Night

K.S. asks from Tampa 5 1/2 year old is wetting her bed. I guess we let her stay in pull-ups a little too long for night time and now it is a real problem getting her to stop wett...


3 Year Old's Behavior

A.S. asks from Wichita

Hi everyone. My boyfriend and his 2 children moved in with my daughter and I about 4 months ago. He has full custody his children for various reasons and by all acc...


New Job & New Baby?? What to Do?

A.L. asks from Minneapolis

My husband and I have a 13 month old at home currently and are thinking about starting to plan for number 2. We had decided I would be a stay at home mom and have a s...