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Updated on June 13, 2008
A.H. asks from Bartlett, IL
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My twin boys are 6 and just finished Kindergarten. We are preparing a chart of what they're responsible for doing on a daily basis such as brush teeth, make bed, clear table, etc. I would like other ideas on the items to list. What rewards did you use while staying away from sweets? I plan to use a point system so the accomplishments are understandable and rewarding. If you have any other suggestions, please let me know.
I have one son who is very competetive and the other is eager to please with hugs, kisses & snuggles. I'm hoping this works to keep my house in order and with the kids help, it should.

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I have this and it works great. Go to www.myrewardsboard.com. It is an interactive chore system with allowances/coupons and more if they hit a certain level. My boys 14,7,6 love this thing. Good Luck.

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They could empty the trash. If you have pet, feed the dog, cat, guinea pig. Sweep off the porch, or the kitchen. They could dust the furniture, or set the table/clear the table. With all the wind we have had, pick up branches in the years. In the fall rack leave, now they could help pull weeds in the flower garden.
I would get a magnetic chart so they can choose the magnet to put and it can be reused over and over.
As far as treats, I was going to say go out for ice cream but you said stay away from treats so you could let them choose a toy at the dollar store or even make up you own goody box that they can choose from. How about earning a trip to see a movie. They get to choose a special food for supper.

Sounds like you are right on track with your 2 boys. Good Luck.....


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We bought a great magnet chart at Chalkboard I have also seen it at Target adn it has all different chores and the days of the week we give 10 cents for every magnet they get at teh end of the week. When they act up we take magnets off. Then they get some money and we encourage them to save part, donate part and let them buy what they want or save for something big if they want that. It really helped alot with the chores if we cn keep up with it!



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We did a chart like that during the first-grade school year with my older son (he liked it but we got lazy after a while and didn't continue after the school year.) We bought a little card system from a toy store. Basically, the task cards (there were standard ones & you could make your own) would move from hooks for different times of the day (before school, after school, before bed) into a "done" slot. Then I would count the "done" cards and assign points, which were paid in tokens.

We got pretty creative with rewards. We had a few low-point items but mostly they were 100 points or higher. (maximum he could get in a day was about 13). We tried to think of things that were experiences or special time with us, not just food or toys. Like one of the items was to have a campout with a tent in the basement with Daddy. Another was to stay up a half-hour late. Another item was to leave the house early with Dad and get breakfast at McDonald's before school. Have a board game night and pick the games.

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