Bribery: Huggies

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Pull-up Huggies

C.C. asks from Miami

I'm trying to teach my two year old to go to the bathroom. Are pull-up Huggies a good idea for potty trainning or do they just confused the child? Also if you have...


Toysrus Rewards

K.K. asks from Erie

My dad purchased a swingset for my kids, we were thrilled, he lives far away and unfortunately we aren't all that close. He must have signed up for ToysrusRewards. ...


Hang onto Rewards Codes?

C.R. asks from Birmingham

Reading the "fine print" for rewards codes (My Coke Rewards or Huggies) I noticed that they say to keep the codes for possible verification. Seriously?! I don't colle...



M.L. asks from Fort Wayne

I need to switch diapers, I have been using Huggies Surprem but they just are not up to what they used to be. What is a nother good brand to use?


Looking for Advice on Pampers Coupons

N.L. asks from Minneapolis

Where is the best place for me to find coupons for Pampers? I can find Huggies coupons everywhere, but I just don't like those. Where is everyone finding theirs?


Potty Training

B. asks from Spartanburg

I have a 3 year old son and I am having a problem getting him potty trained. I have tryed the rewards but nothing seems to get him interested in the potty. Any ideas?


Pull-ups vs Easy-ups

M.G. asks from Chicago

We are just beginning to potty train one of our twin boys. What is your preference between Huggies Pull-ups or Pampers Easy-ups? Which one did you like better? Is ...


Diapers Leak When My Son Sleeps

D.C. asks from Phoenix

My 6 month old son sleeps between 10 and 12 hours a night. He always rolls over on his tummy to sleep. More often than not, when he wakes up in the morning, his diape...


Diapering Through the Night?

S.F. asks from Dallas

Hi everyone! My 8 month old is mostly sleeping through the night (yea!!!) but, a fair amount of the time, he wakes up with his clothes soaked in urine. poor guy!...


Best Tips for Saving Money on DIAPERS!

C.F. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms, I know all of you helpful money saving mamas can give me some great advice on this one. It's funny because I've almost become "addicted" to saving money o...