Bribery: Miralax

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Miralax Vs. Suppositories

S.S. asks from Los Angeles

I took away my son's pullups and he is withholding his stool now. Today is the 3rd day. I think he just needs to poop once in the potty and he'll be OK. He's scare...


How Much Miralax Should I Give My 6 Yo?

E.V. asks from Los Angeles

I have a stopped up little girl who is just recently out of pull-ups for BM's and is scared, therefore, resistant to "let it go" in the potty. Her Ped suggested Mira...



M.C. asks from Houston

Our 12-year-old daughter has been dealing with retentive encopresis for about 5 years now. She avoids going to the toilet at all. The result is continuous soiling and...


Potty Training

M.J. asks from Charleston

my twin daughters are peeing on the potty, but will not poop. they use miralax daily,however they will not poo on the potty, theyalways cry for a diaper. any advise?


Potty Training Issue

J.G. asks from Cleveland

My almost 4 year old son refuses to go poop on the potty!! He will pee on the potty all day long, but will poop in his pants everytime (underwear). I have tried every...


Daughter Afraid to Poop!

K.P. asks from Kansas City

I need your help moms! My 2 year old girl is holding in her poop! She intentionally clenches so it won't come out then she cries until it passes. I have no idea wh...


Need Help Fast...2 Yr Old Holding in Poop

T.C. asks from Dallas

She has issues with constpation and is on miralax everyday. Long story short we stoped giving it for a couple days and now she is backed up and hasn't pooped for days...


Help for Constipation in Girls

J.M. asks from Philadelphia

My 5 year old daughter is really constipated she holds it in she has not gone for almost two weeks we went specialist we tried laxatives,miralax fiber but its just se...


My 4 Year Old Still Poops in His Pants

J.P. asks from Nashville

I am not sure how to approach this situation. I took my 4 year old to the Gastro Doctor for constipation. My son is on Miralax twice a day. He holds his poop when he...


Poopy Problems

B.B. asks from Peoria

my 5 year old son will not poop unless he poops his pants first. he can hold it for many days and then he constantly poops his pants until we can force him to use th...