Responsibility Chart and Rewards

Updated on September 10, 2008
A.C. asks from San Antonio, TX
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I am going to be creating a responsibility chart for my 5yo son. I have an idea of which responsibilities I would like to use. However, I would like to hear from you all as to what kind of responsibilities your children have. My biggest question is how do you reward them?!! I do not want to use toys. We have way too many and I don't want this to be about getting new toys. But I may do so once in a while. Let me hear your ideas!

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During the summer I was using a reward system for behavior and chores. Each time he accomplish a set goal. He was able to put a star on that chore. I let him pick the reward at each time we started over. Such as, stay up later one night, rent a movie, go to a movie, have a friend come over, buying dots ice cream( wal-mart sells them individually),and game night- he picks the game. To motivate him in starting I picked something he really wanted to do and that was bowling. Since that is pricy prize he had to earn 80 stars. Some of the chores were make his bed, pick-up his clothes, get dress, comb hair, brush teeth,put his dirty dishes in the sink, clear dirty dish into garbage and for behaviors using table manners, good manners,using kind words, saying good morning to everyone, going to bed the first time being told, not fighting to get his medicine, listening and I had a few more. The most important thing was getting him to do those things without me asking. It took awhile but it did work. I haven't started over since school but I think I will revise the chart and start over. I know he likes to do special things with you. I think that would be a great reward is a special day with mommy and him only. If he starts off slow you could design a treasure box with things you already have at the house to reward for small stuff until he really catches on. Good luck.

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I am excited to see any suggestions on this. I've been wondering about this also. Maybe an extra bedtime story, or tickets for 10 more min on the video game? I don't have a clue.



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Think of things that your sons ask you to do with them that you tend to put off or forget about. My daughter is always asking to bake something with me and I never make the time. So that would be a treasured moment that would be planned for and enjoyed by both. Also, my kids always ask me to sleep with them or them with me. It's a rare thing. But, a slumber party in the living room, etc. What is it that your boys ask you to do that you don't daily do? Use that as your reward system.



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I've been wanting to come up with a responsibility chart too. For my 6 1/2 year old her chart will have things like:
pick up clothes (she tends to leave them laying wherever).
Put backpack away,put shoes away, set the table.
I also hate to give toys for rewards. I think extra book at story time, extra time on the computer or watching tv. are great ideas. Talk to your son and ask him what would be good rewads for him. Maybe it's picking dessert for the whole family.

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