Bribery: The First Years

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Sleeping with Me

N.B. asks from Mobile

How do I break my daughter from sleepinh in the bed with me? She is six years old and I have tried to give her rewards for sleeping in her own bed but that will on...


Dr. Lauras New Book Urging Moms to Choose to Stay at Home

T.W. asks from Johnson City

What do you ladies think about Dr. Laura's new book talking about moms choosing to stay at home. What were some of the reasons you chose to work or stay at home. Wh...


5 Year Old Doesn't Listen

P.L. asks from Charleston

My daughter is 5 and naturally a very headstrong little girl. Up until lately, we haven't had any significant disipline problems with her. For the last few months she...


Needing Ways to Handle Child with ADD?

A.W. asks from Killeen

My sister adopted a foster child a year ago and when she got him, she was informed that he had ADD and was on medication. Both my sister and her husband don't like th...


Wanting Another Baby?

N.R. asks from Detroit

Hi everyone, I thought I was done having children and am now having second thoughts. I have a step daughter who is older and not with us very often (lives out of...


8 Year Old Doesn't Want to Read!

C.D. asks from New York

My 8 year old son does not like to read. He reads for school papers b/c he has to, but has no interest in it all otherwise. I have tried incentives, bribery (I know.....


Negative Thoughts About Husband, Just a Phase or Real Trouble?

K.D. asks from Denver

Ladies, I really enjoy reading the Mamasource posts - so much good information. I always smirk though, when I read the descriptions of how everyone is married to "the...


HELP With the Pickiest Eater in the World!!!

M.M. asks from Atlanta

Most people think I'm exagerating about this until they meet my 5 year old son or hear what he actually eats. For the past 4 1/2 years I have tried everything to get...


Behavior Problems and Crying

J.M. asks from Colorado Springs

OK so my son just turned 6 in january, but my problem is hes very emotional hes an older brother my youngest is about to turn 2, i never really worried about his prob...


6 Year Old Son Acts Socially Immature but Is Above Average in School

L.B. asks from Philadelphia

My 6 year old son is an only child. He is very bright and does above average in school. Most days at school he has good behavior but about every 8 school days he ge...