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Ground Rules for Adult Child Moving Home

Our son graduated college in May. He works as a freelance camera man in the TV & film industry and rents a room in a house from a friend. His housemate's girlfriend and child may be moving in there in June which would require my son to live elsewhere. We have touched on the possibility of him coming home for a while but would only want to do so if it is in his best interest. We have always told our children they cannot live off of us. There would be rent to pay and they would have to contribute to the household. My days as "Mommy" are...


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B-day Gift Idea

My daughter will be two in a couple of weeks. I also have a four year old girl and I am at a dead end as to what to get my youngest for her b-day. We live in a townhouse and would like to do outdoor stuff but kinda stumped and was wondering if anyone had any neat/not to expensive ideas. They have tons of baby stuff etc. Also if anyone has any ideas for a really neat b-day party but also inexpensive.

Holiday Visits

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Anxious About Upcoming post-Thanksgiving Extended Family Event

Update: Grandma was informed that dialysis center is closed that Thursday. This is going to get really interesting!!! Hello all. My family is planning a get-together the day AFTER Thanksgiving. Grandma is on dialysis and won't change her day (and she shouldn't change it but will do so if my SIL and younger BRO plan an event for their darling 4YO-I refuse to put that kind of guilt or pressure on her). SIL and older BRO accepted a subsequent invite to SIL's extended family so are only coming in for Friday event. SIL and younger BRO ...


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Adult Daughter - Wedding Blues

My daughter is getting married. I like her fiancee very much and I'm very happy for her. But during wedding planning, our relationship has totally fallen apart to the point where I feel very awkward with them. I am paying for the wedding, which is, in my opinion, upper end ($40,000 plus). She made it clear from the start that she was making her own choices which I've respected although I've made alternate suggestions (to no avail) on truly less than a handful of decisions (where I felt guests were impacted) and/or where cost was seriously...


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18 Year Old Wants to Spend Senior Week at Beach House No Supervision

My 18 year old daughter would like to spend 4 days at the beach with her friends. All these young ladies is 18 years will be renting a beach house for a week and my biggest concern no supervision. Would you allow your 18 year daughter to go who lives under your roof?


Teen Driving Policies

Many of my daughter's friends are now driving. She's doing behind-the-wheel...