Kitty Litter Question (Allergic to Kitten or Allergies to Litter?)

Updated on August 11, 2008
S.K. asks from South Bend, IN
4 answers

I have recently gotten a kitten, I haven't had one for 10 years. (and that was just temporary). Since bringing home I have shown signs of allergies.. I never had allergies to cats before so I am thinking it might be the litter I chose (Scoop Away) Anyway, I have noticed that although I don't smell stinky poop and such... I think I am smelling the litter, and it is burning the inside of my nose, my eyes water, my skin itches and immiediately I start to get a headache and even some nose watering.. Does this sound like the kitten or litter? If its the litter does anyone know a good choice? I don't want to smell the poop/urine but I can't have my nose buring like this. What has worked best for you. Also I don't have a basement or anything.. so putting it in a far spot won't work...I actually just got her, I have her temporarily in a large dog crate while I am gone or sleeping (so she doesn't hurt my dog or visa versa) Their still getting used to each other. The crate has a small litter box bed and food on the opposite end. (This is just temp) She plays throughout the house, I am letting her get used to the house and figure it out and adjust. Anyway any thoughts would be helpful

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answers from Columbus on


Do you have any other allergies like hay fever? My adult daughter is not actually allergic to cats if they stay indoors, but if they've been outside, she starts sneezing and her eyes water.If it's a new cat, it may have other stuff on its fur that's causing the problem. But there's a good chance it's the litter! Have you tried Yesterday's News and the other similar products? Good luck!



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I wouldn't be surprised if it's the litter. I found that Scoop Away seems very dusty. But for me, it didn't hold together well. So, we use the generic Meijer brand. It is just as dusty, but holds pee better. So, for you, if it's the dust, it might not work. It sounds like you may just have to experiment with different brands and even styles until you can figure it out. There are even crystal litters out there that are much more expensive, but not dusty.



answers from Fort Wayne on

Absolutely you could be sensitive to the litter--too much dust or perfume. THe best litter I have found is Dr Elsey's Precious cat Ultra scoopable litter. I found it at Petsmart. i started it when my cat was having a problem with peeing everywhere out of the box. It has barely any dust and NO odor at all--my cat is using it without a problem and when I scoop it no sneezing fits for me. Though it is more expensive I have found it lasts longer because it scoops easier so you don't have little clumps of pee that you can't get with the scooper--thus not having to change the whole pan very often. ALso there are wipes you can get which help to reduce the dander on the kitty. I am using Petkin unscented wipes. Good luck!



answers from Cleveland on

Well i've never heard of being allergic to cat litter but i'm sure it happens, on the other hand i developed allergies to cats after having my kids, it actually got progressivley worse with each of them. it's to the point i break out in hives if i hold one, BUT we have 4, lol. i vacuum often and keep them off the furniture and i was my hands if i have to handle them, i love cats, and i have noticed that certain cats affect me more than others, it's the dander and dome cats have more than others just like people. as for the litter, feline pine is great, it's natural so it shouldn't affect your allergies if it is the litter and if you have a smell issue you can add plain old baking soda to the box as well.

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