Where to Find Great Climbing Toys for My Active and Coordinated 7 Month Old

Updated on March 01, 2010
T.W. asks from Calabasas, CA
14 answers

Hi! My son is so eager to pull himself up to standing and my husband and I are trying to find quality yet affordable climbing toys for our son Max. The ones we've seen online are ridiculously priced!!! Any suggestions or alternatives are welcome. Thanks!!!

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answers from Los Angeles on

My son's PT suggested just getting a cheap (or already owned old one) comforter cover and filling it with pillows and small couch cushions. Its a great challenge and is soft and safe built in!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Hi Tamara... we bought our son a Step2 Kangaroo Climber when he was about that age, he was also very coordinated at 7 months... climbing up the couch and up on the furniture. He loved it, and now he's moved on to the regular playground down the street (he's 2 years 2 months). I'm going to sell climber, but if you're interested, just let me know. We bought it new for about $150 at Toys R' Us, we're gonna sell it for $50. Still in perfect condition.
Thanks! S.



answers from Los Angeles on

Your appeal touched me enough to take a moment to write. Having studied with Magda Gerber, founder of Resources for Infant Educarers, RIE, and running my own programs for children under 5 for the past 30 years as well as raising my own two children I BELIEVE in simplicity want to share with you if you haven't heard of rie.org as a resource and guide.

You can create most everything your baby needs yourself and observation (which it sounds like you are good at already), respect, and allowing time for uninterrupted free will take you far. A friend and colleague of mine also has a site that might give you ideas or meet your needs.

Enjoy your Sunday and everyday of the journey ahead,

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Circular dining chairs are ideal for little tushies ready to sit on their own. Kidney-shaped tables let tots face teacher and one another with ease. An adorable village kitchen (available by special order) lets up to four cooks have at the soup.

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answers from San Francisco on

I second the upside down laundry basket thing. A long ballet-like bar in a hallway can be fun for cruising. A leather ottoman (they have some a target) can be fun. We have an old trunk with leather handles that my young lady is enjoying. A well-secured bookcase with nothing on the bottom couple shelves (except things for baby) can be good. Step stools, benches, coffee table, building/carpeting something akin to a couple large steps... Have fun :)



answers from Los Angeles on

I agree with the craigslist suggestion. Research the kinds you want then search craigslist.
Good luck,



answers from Los Angeles on

Try Funandfunction.com



answers from Tulsa on

We bought a Kangaroo Climber for my grandkids at Sears. They are just an appliance store here in town but it's in their catalog and can get in in a few days. It was on sale for under $100.00 even with shipping. I had a similar one in my toddler room of my child care center and loved it. The kids could do different things on it at different ages. As young toddlers they could pull up to it and peek in the holes or crawl through the tunnels under it. They could play inside the little area, the bigger kids would use to climb up to the slide. Even older kids (4-5 yrs. old) still can use it because the weight limit is around 60 lbs.or more.

There is also the Koala Climber. Check out step2 stuff online and read the reveiws. It is a long lasting toy and we bought our Kangaroo Climber specifically to stay inside. But we also have Little Tykes stuff outside too, just bigger.



answers from Dallas on

The kids in my daycare love this little car that they can stand up with. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000NW3LZ6?ie=UTF8&t...
I have found it to be very durable and it has the added bonus of helping to walk.


answers from Oklahoma City on

Not quite sure about "climbing toys" but my lil girl loves to pull up on big boxes or an upside down laundry basket and she like it if i put a few toys or snacks on top so she gets all excited when she reaches them. use a big box though, like bigger than a diaper box, because if the base is small it may tip! good luck


answers from Los Angeles on

Have you tried Craigslist? I see you live in LA. Parents often sell large items that are gently or barely used for a STEAL!! I know I do... :)



answers from Los Angeles on

try thrift stores they are great if you live in the LA area I saw a great climbing toy at the Salvation Army in Santa Monica



answers from Norfolk on

Can you give some examples of what you mean by "climbing" toys?? When I think climbing toys I really think of things for children who are walking and climbing onto things like small toddler slides and such. Most babies learn to pull themselves to standing using chairs and couches first and then "cruise". The jumperoo was our favorite upright leg exercise type toy for our twins.



answers from Victoria on

My kids loved the fisher price play wall & a activity table. They could pull up & cruise down it playing with different toys. Both my kids were early walkers at 8 months. Here's a link to a picture on Walmart's site.... http://www.walmart.com/ip/3933932 hope this helps you.



answers from Las Vegas on

You don't need to have your child climb just yet (he will be climbing all over the furniture soon enough). You can create an obstacle course with things to climb under and over, a chair (under), a small box, a pillow, etc. We have those foam mats you can lay out on the ground, and we would put them together into triangle or square shape for my son to climb through (many fun games can be made up with those). He also loved to climb on/over us and his stuffed animals at that age.

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