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Swing Set or Sandbox?

R.R. asks from Boston

Hi! We recently moved and were looking to add something to the backyard for our kids, ages two and five. We have a smallish backyard and currently have a Little Tike...


What is the shopping guide or review on swing sets?

G.G. asks from Chicago

We are looking in to purchasing a swing set. What does everyone suggest. I love the rainbows but they seem pricey. Any other suggestions out there. Thanks G.


Swing Set

L.H. asks from Melbourne

We're thinking about buying a swing set from ToysRUs and I'm looking for reviews. They seem a lot cheaper than other places and I'm nervous they might not be as sturdy.


What Is Under Your Swing Set?

M.E. asks from Philadelphia

We've ordered a swing set that we'll be putting up when spring finally arrives. The deck height is 5 feet. We don't know whether to just put it up on the grass or put...


Ideas About Playstructure for the Backyard

M.G. asks from San Francisco

I am interested in other mom's ideas for a playstructure in our backyard. I have heard that cedar play structures are the best because they don't splinter, but they s...


What Kind of Swing Set?

B.T. asks from San Antonio

Hello Moms!! I have a soon to be 2 yr old who LOVES to be outside. For his b'day I am looking at getting him a swing-set. However..I have no clue which one to get. I...


Seeking Advice on Staining/painting Wood Swing-set

D.I. asks from Chicago

Last summer we inherited a wood swing-set from our neighbors who moved. I know at one point the wood was treated (stained/painted? I don't know which), but it seems ...


Buying a Swing Set from Walmart?

B.K. asks from Sacramento

We are planing to buy a wooden swing set from walmart for our son's birthday. It is the Durango set made by backyard ventures. Has anyone bought this or any of the ...


Swing Set Safety

C.P. asks from New York

Any advice on purchasing a swing set? My hubby feels the aluminum sets aren't secure enough; I heard that the wood sets are dangerous because of the chemically treat...


Purchasing a Swing Set

L.R. asks from Detroit

My daughter will be 2 in July and we thought about purchasing a swing set for her birthday. My husband is set on getting a medal one. Which I guess is fine beca...