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Crib Mobiles

S.K. asks from Denver

Hi! Now that our 4 mo. old daughter is in her crib, I've been reading about mobiles. But...they all say birth to 5 months. What are the benefits to having/not having ...


Crib Mobile Recommendations

S.B. asks from Los Angeles

Hello Moms - I am looking for a mobile for a nursery and would love some recommendations - something that sounds good, looks good, and plays music and turns the mobi...


What Crib Mobile to Buy/are They Worth It?

J.S. asks from Phoenix

I got my crib bedding on clearance and can not get the matching mobile. I've read a lot of bad reviews of several mobiles and wondered if anyone had one they really ...


Can No Longer Use mobile...what Next?

K.S. asks from Cleveland

My son falls asleep each night watching his mobile and listening to the music. He will by 5 months old in a couple of weeks and his mobile will need to come down. I...


Glass Mobiles

A.B. asks from Chicago

Before I became pregnant with our first child, we found a glass mobile at Ikea that we loved and bought. It was moon and stars and the sunlight reflects off of it so ...


Mobiles or Crib-distractions

A.V. asks from Washington DC

My six month old son is having a hard time falling asleep on his own. Do any of you use mobiles/lights on the ceiling or anything like that to help your little ones g...


Any Mobiles Lasting Longer than 5 Minutes??

L.L. asks from Los Angeles

Help! My 8 week old loves her Pooh mobile and her Hello Kitty mobile - but they only last about 5 minutes - we can only find Fisher Price and Baby Einstein that last...


Entertaining a 4 Month Old

A.C. asks from Los Angeles

I have a 4 month old son and am having problems entertaining him. He is extremely active and gets bored very easily. I have tried taking him for walks, a swing, vib...


Wondering About Ideal Toys for 3 Month Old.

R.S. asks from Seattle

Hi moms. My 3 month old baby is learning to crawl. We give him plenty of time on the floor for this. But he gets bored or frustrated after a while. Then one of us...


Trouble with Cat in Nursery

S.I. asks from Knoxville

I have a 12 week old daughter and two cats. My daughter recently began sleeping all night in her room, whereas before she was in a bassinet in my room. I put a baby g...