Stuffed Toys

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What to Do with Stuffed Animals

N.D. asks from Houston

We are moving and my daughter has a ton of stuffed animals that I don't know what to do with. Throwing them away just seems like such a waste, but I don't know if an...


Stuffed Animals....

R.D. asks from Wichita

Alright moms, my daughter has three stuffed animals that she loves. One is a USMC bear her uncle gave her, the other is a bear grandma gave her, and the last one is t...


To Many Plush

V.P. asks from Madison

I have two young children that get stuffed animals for gift all the time. We have everything from teddy's the size of my two year old to ty babies that fit in the sid...


Stuffed Animal for Boys?

M.E. asks from Birmingham

I would like to find my 3 year old a special stuffed animal or "buddy" for him to sleep with in his bed. Most stuffed animals/dolls can be too girly, and I'd like som...


Stuffed Animals

S.B. asks from Pittsburgh

Is it normal for a 3 year old to talk to his stuffed animals? Sometimes I hold his stuffed animal and act make it pretend to talk to my son. Is that hurting him or ...


What to Do with All Those Stuffed Animals?

I.Y. asks from Sacramento

I am trying to de-clutter my home and I was wondering what to do with all these stuffed animals that my daughters no longer need or use. Can they be donated? Any su...


Stuffed Animals

D.F. asks from Kansas City

My kids have so many stuffed animals! Anyone have any great ideas of how to store them? We have tried just in baskets, totes, but seem to not work the best. Thanks ...



M.W. asks from Chicago

Like all other children, my child LOVES her stuffed animal. She carries it everywhere. It's now covered with a ton of dirt (and more). How can I clean it? It does...


What to Do with Stuffed Animals?

S.M. asks from Grand Rapids

I have SO many stuffed animals in our house that go to waste because my daughter just doesn't play with them much any more. I need ideas on what to do with them. I ...


How to Clean Stuffed Animals...

S.G. asks from Seattle

Can anyone give advice on how to effectively clean stuffed animals marked as "Surface clean only" that have been the victim of a 5-y-o bedwetter? Seeing as the pee w...