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Question About a Toy

D.K. asks from Cincinnati

So, my mother sent us a care package for Halloween. She included a couple of little toys, called Squinkies. They are both CARS 2 versions, a 4 pack with a ramp. ...


Ever Bought Yourself a Toy for Kids?

C.L. asks from Minneapolis

My 12-year-old son is really into Legos. As you may have seen, Lego has come out with kits aimed at girls (there has been some criticism and backlash). My son was b...


Just for Fun, Toy Disposal

T.D. asks from Springfield

just wondering if anyone has actually thrown toys away, the perfectly useable ones (broken ones should be tossed) why did you throw them away? did you consider kee...


Timeless Toy Ideas

R.S. asks from Chicago

Hi there, For those with older elementary school aged children, have there been any toys that you have found have lasted throughout the years...that your kids enjo...


Toy Storage Issues

M.H. asks from St. Louis

I would like to know what other moms do about toys like Legos and other building toys when their child builds a "masterpiece." My children feel that every creation i...


HEX Bug Toys

H.W. asks from Portland

My son is wanting a remote-control toy, and we are looking into the hex bugs for their simplicity and low cost. Both my husband and I think this is a good first remot...


Advice on Overly Generous Grandparents

S.B. asks from Dallas

I need some advice in regards to my children's grandparents who insist on being overly generous. There hasn't been a time that can be recalled where the grandparents ...


Need Help Finding Pinocchio Toys

G.M. asks from Salt Lake City

Please help me! My little girl is obsessed with Pinocchio, and all she wants for Christmas is a Pinocchio toy. I've found some stuffed dolls and tons of DVDs, but I...


My Baby Girl Is Turning ONE!!! Please Help!

J.H. asks from Dallas

My baby girl is turning ONE next Friday, January 25th! I am stumped on what to get her... Do you have any good ideas? She got so much for Christmas that I am just los...


Hey Mommas....Need Help with Christmas Shopping for a 6 Year Old Boy!

C.F. asks from Chicago

Hi there! I am in need of help with creative ideas for Christmas shopping this year. My son just had his birthday Nov 20th so I really have a hard time with this to...