Toy Trains

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Little Girl Who Loves Thomas the Tank Engine NOT Baby Dolls or Princesses

L.C. asks from Dallas

I need a little "Mommy Wisdom". Our daughter is two and a half and loves to read, play with stuffed animals, and adores Thomas the Tank Engine. She was introduced t...


Where I Can Find Thomas the Tank Engine Toys (Wooden Line) at DEEP Discounts??

R.S. asks from New York

Hello fab mamas! Well, my question is basically in my subject. My toddler has fallen in love with the series and unlike his previous obsessions, his love for Thoma...


Can Anyone Give Me a Crash Course in Thomas the Tank Engine Toys?

S.A. asks from Norfolk

Our 2 year old LOVES Thomas & we're noticing there's a bunch of different types of sets & trains. He's got a few of the take along trains (the ones that connect w/th...


Toy Train for Preschooler

K.A. asks from Phoenix

My son has informed us that we cannot have Christmas without a train. I thought this would be a nice surprise for him Christmas morning. I am looking for a train th...


Train Toys?

J.V. asks from Chicago

I want to get my son a train set for xmas. Suggestions? I want something simple and solidly made. He will be 12 months, and my daughter will be close to 3. I don...


Looking for Train Displays - Toy or Real

K.Y. asks from Detroit

My 2 1/2 yr old son is obsessed with all types of trains. I'm looking for displays of any sort that he would find entertaining. Could be as quick as a toy store tha...


Looking for Advice on Toy Train Set

J.K. asks from Chicago

We're considering investing in a toy train set for the kids and a lot of the reviews we've read favor the Melissa and Doug set. I've never seen it and I'm wondering ...


Circo Train Tracks Vs. Thomas Train Tracks

S.R. asks from Los Angeles

I am thinking of getting my daughter some sort of wooden train set for Christmas. She LOVES those elaborate Thomas train set-ups they have in some toy stores and book...


Toy Removal Tantrums

A.E. asks from Denver

My just-turned-2-year-old son has become obsessed with Thomas after his birthday party a couple of weeks ago. Thomas was not new to the house, but for whatever reaso...


Toy Mess!

T.M. asks from Bloomington

i was just getting frustrated about our playroom that has a train set, astronaut guys and peek a blocks and puzzle pieces and wheels all mixed together on the floor e...