Spelling Flash Cards for 7Th Grade?

Updated on February 12, 2019
S.M. asks from Portland, OR
16 answers

I cannot find a commercial product consisting of flash cards for 7th grade.
Is anyone here aware of anything like that?
I am not looking for online spelling tests, or online cards that I print out.

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So What Happened?

I really appreciate all the answers.
I will take a look at the recommended sites.
Again, thanks.

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answers from Rochester on

Good Day S. ~
Try spellingcity dot com . As a parent & a teacher we LOVE this site & you don't HAVE to be a "premium" member to enjoy the perks! {It's not just for spelling}

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answers from Erie on

I was taught to make my own using index cards because the act of making them was part of my study habits.

I remember things better when I wrote them down, I also kept two notebooks for all my hs and college classes - one to take notes in during class, and one to rewrite my notes as part of my studying.

Having someone else write them or printing them out from a template defeats the whole purpose of flashcards, imo.

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answers from New York on

Just make your own. Not only is it cheaper, it's more practical because you can use the words they need to work on not random ones from someone else.

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answers from Boston on

How could any outside company determine what words an individual kid in an individual school system would need? It's not marketable. In first grade, they all need certain words, but by 7th, their vocabulary is much more advanced. You'd have to buy 15,000 cards and that wouldn't be manageable.

Kids learn through visual, auditory, tactile and kinesthetic means. Your best bet, if you and the teachers honestly feel that flash cards are the way to go for your child, is to buy index cards and have the child write the words himself. Make a game of it - play bingo with a 5 x 5 grid of cards - use candy or Cheerios as markers. The physical act of touching marker to card while hearing the word while viewing it is useful and a powerful learning tool for many kids. But DO make sure this is a viable strategy for this particular kid and not just something you're grabbing at out of frustration.

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answers from Dallas on

Flash cards for that age aren’t available commercially.

However, you can design your own study tools with Quizlet. My daughter and her friends utilized that app all during college when studying for tests.

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answers from Boston on

There really aren't any. By this age, most schools are long done with spelling tests (my kids probably had their last spelling test in 4th grade) so there really wouldn't be a market for them. And that this age, the kids are perfectly capable of using note cards to make flash cards for whatever they need. That would probably be a good way to reinforce the spelling too by needing to copy accurately from a list the first time to make the cards.

I'd have your student make a set or use quizlet.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I doubt that what you want exists. My 7th grader doesn't even have spelling tests anymore (vocabulary tests, yes, spelling, no). Those ended in 5th grade. Since it's probably not even part of many curriculums, I doubt they exist commercially. A better way for your child to take responsibility for his learning is to make the cards him/herself using index cards.

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answers from Boca Raton on

I'm with Diane: you and your son write your own. What does he want to accomplish? A story, family history, or maybe something creative like a t-shirt design and logo...?
What does his teacher recommend? Could be an opportunity to get her/his help and offer assistance to other kids in the class... Best to you

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answers from New York on

Just buy plain blank index cards and make your own flash cards. You can do that for any subject that your child needs to learn - memorizing history dates, memorizing science terms, etc.

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answers from Norfolk on

That's a tough one.
Most spelling flash cards that I've come across are for the 1st and 2nd grade.

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answers from Portland on

I just typed it in Google - middle school flash cards spelling - and came up with what Lori suggests - apps and this Quizlet site - which my daughter and I just tried out, and it's pretty neat actually. I bombed lol.

Your child may prefer something like that to flash cards. My kids would.

Check it out.

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answers from Washington DC on

7th grade!

i don't know. i made color flashcards for my toddlers, and together we made some for different subjects as they got older, but i'm pretty sure that by 7th grade we hadn't used flashcards in years.

you're not likely to find a commercial product with the specific words your kid is going to be tested on. i mean, they're about the easiest thing to make ever. why not just do your own? or better yet, have your kid make them?


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answers from San Francisco on

That's because flash cards are for young children.
If you want to help your middle school child improve spelling ask his/her teacher for resources, s/he will be able to direct you where to go.

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answers from Cincinnati on

My children use Quizlet. https://quizlet.com/.

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answers from San Antonio on

I remember having a spelling textbook for some of middle school. You might check bookstores online for an old textbook...then you would still have to make the cards which isn't what you wanted but at least a place to start with vocabulary.

I wish they had more spelling practice my DD has a hard time but now using computers in most classes with spell check helps her a lot.

Good luck!

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answers from Abilene on

I think your best bet is quizlet online. I know you’re not wanting to hear online solutions but if you haven’t looked at quizlet, do.

You can customize any information that your kiddo is trying to retain. Some of it can be in game form as well so that’s helpful.

The app can be downloaded on a phone for quick review too. My kids (homeschooled) have used it for a study tool.

The Biology course I teach when they’re in high school uses flash cards for vocabulary. I still think it is one of the best ways to help retain information. So I don’t think it’s for little kids, it’s a learning tool that helps them see the spelling as well as tie a definition to it.

Might check out www.teacherspayteachers.com. They have spelling flash cards according to grades based on standardized tests.

Good luck on your search!

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