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Should Kids Play on School Days?

Did you become such a better and more successful and loving person because of the fact that you had to study as soon as you got home from school? ...

Can We Afford Private School?

If you are unhappy with the local school, consider moving to a better school pyramid before you jump into a private school. Helpful? ...

Work and School Help

Can you get a better paying full time job? Who can watch your children when you work...Obviously school starts again but your younger 2 are definitely not ...

What Would You Do?

Dec 12, 2009 ... Why are kids better at school? Therre's structure and the same consequences every time. Aggression is not a good sign and should be ...

Anyone Heard of Goddard School?

I know there are families who love the Goddard School, and they may be a lot better here, like I said, the are all owned independently. ...

High School Freshman

My son is doing a lot better. I contacted the guidance counselor at the school and she checked up on him and suggested a few ways for him to meet people. ...

Private School

I know that Calabasas is known for it's public schools; but I grew up with kids that went to Calabasas High. Their education was not any better than the ...

Speech/OT At Public School

Why I think Happy is making you feel better already! Oh that's so good. Oh, Happy likes it when you come to school to see him." Does the teacher have you do ...

New Pre-school

Visit the school and meet the teacher before the first day. If you are excited she will pick up on that. Kids adjust to new situations much better than we ...

Montessori or "Traditional" Pre-school?

Sep 28, 2009 ... Our plan was to do this for a month and see which school, teachers, kids, he seemed to like better. But it's really not clear after a month ...
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  • finish their homework in 2 answers "I don't let my kids play until they finish their homework no if and or but about it."
  • done before dinner in 2 answers "... them snack, talk to you about their day - but expect homework done before dinner."
  • dollars 300 week in 2 answers "I think an infant was $300/week (this was 2 years ago and in IL). Also, I didn't get ..."
  • sales pitch in 2 answers "Not to mention that when I took the tour, I felt as if it was a big sales pitch."
  • just keep telling in 2 answers "... excited about the new school, toys, friends, teachers, etc. Just keep telling ..."