HELP - Advice on Organization/Storage of 3 Year Olds Toys!

Updated on November 15, 2010
S.W. asks from Boston, MA
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Hello fellow Mamas!
We are a family of 3; Dad (active duty Coast Guard out to sea about 280 days of the year), 3 year old daughter (in preschool) and me (Mama/full-time attorney).
We live in downtown Boston, in a 2 bedroom condo which is approximately1200 sq feet. It's a brick and beam, so most of the walls are just that, brick. Both bedrooms are in the back, and we really only use them for sleeping. I state this b/c our daughter's room simply fits her bed, large chest of drawers, changing area, etc. Our kitchen, dining and living area are all open. This means all her toys/gadgets, etc are out on display. We do have some PBK large baskets for stuffed animals, a book shelf that's her size to pick out books (we read every night b/f bedtime) which as also has 2 cubbies for other smaller toys - frankly it's not great quality and to me an eye sore. She also has a small kitchen, a small piano, an antique desk, puzzles, etc all out along the walls.
I'm looking for some ideas to better organize yet something that will fit into our open space (mix of modern and traditional; i.e. stainless steel appliances, caramel colored leather "L" couch, dining room table is a steel table top with mahogany legs, fireplace, yet is is kid friendly and will get us organized!!! I don't mind spending a little $$$, so fake wood or plastic are last ditch efforts. Please share what you did/used to get organized! I need my sanity back when we enter our home... it looks like someone puked a preschoolers stuff all over our living space (sorry for the graphic visual). Thanks in advance!

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answers from Portland on

Try some storage ottomans - target has some nice leather ones. Or if you have an available closet, put all similar toys in see through totes that have a lid with a handle on it, then she can bring out one tote of stuff she wants to play with and then put it away before picking a new tote.

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answers from New York on

have you seen the toddler loft beds? not as high as a regular loft bed but with storage underneath. maybe something that can be converted into higher bed later so she can have a desk etc underneath



answers from Boston on

I agree with the armoire idea - get one that's designed to hold clothing and put boxes inside. Also, depending on your layout, you might want to move things around so that a more open storage system can be behind your sofa. Or boxes under the coffee table. What about giving her a lower cabinet in the kitchen? It might be worth some "creative rearranging." The toys will end up out everywhere, of course, but when they're tidied up, they're away. We have a small playroom for the kids, and, although it looks like a cyclone hit it about 95% of the time, we can't see it directly when we walk in the door, so it doesn't bother me nearly as much when I walk in the house. Good luck.



answers from Toledo on

I have one of those racks that holds 8 bins on diagonal shelves. It holds a ton of toys, and the bins are different sizes, so you can sort if you want. They are about $30.



answers from Dayton on

Could you get a wardrobe like piece? That way it has doors on it and you don't have to look at everything ALL THE TIME. (It's my pet peeve too.) A friend of mine bought a pie cupboard for toys just so she could close the doors too. Or even an entertainment center that has lots of shelves.



answers from Washington DC on

not sure if this is a "fake wood" idea but...we love the expedits at ikea. they come in several different sizes and have cloth or plastic bins to store things. they also come in a dark wood color that looks very nice. also in my kids room i have the trofast storage from ikea. i also love this as we have very little space and like to take advantage of tall skinny furniture. i definitely understand your dilemma. i feel like i'm constantly reorganizing and stacking to no avail:) good luck to you!



answers from New York on

what about metro shelving with nice tote bins in different sizes? You can take a picture of the specific toy that goes in each bin and stick it to the outside so it is easy for her to put stuff away. I got some really nice leather storage bin/tote thingys at storeables. But I have also seen some nice ones at ikea and cost plus world market.


answers from Boston on

Ikea Trofast System. I love it. the kids can easily slide the buckets in and out. they've been tested/approved for kids standing on the buckets (which my son does regularly). I have about 6.5 ft of linear feet in my daughters room for about $200. it's all along 1 wall in her room. I printed up pictures/words for each bin so she can put all her stuff away before bed everynight - animals, baby dolls, books, puzzles, princess/barbie, balls, trucks etc.....

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