Warts: Toddler

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Toddler Wart

A.W. asks from Denver

My almost four year old has had a wart on his finger for quite some time now, it seems to be growing slowly. Do I remove it or just leave it alone? Anyone else dealt...


2 Y/o with Wart on Hand

K.L. asks from Bellingham

My 2 year old daughter has what appears to be a wart on her hand, right in the crease where her ring finger meets her palm. It is fairly large, she picks at it occas...


Facial Wart

A.H. asks from Washington DC

My 6 year old daughter has a wart above her upper lip...her pediatrician said to get wart remover and that should do...but all of the wart removers indicate DO NOT US...


My Daughter Has a Wart!!

M.N. asks from Dallas

my 3 yr old daughter just recently got a wart on her thumb and i was just wondering if anyone knows what i can treat it with or do u think i should make an appointmen...


My Daughter Has a Wart :(

R.P. asks from Orlando

My 7yo daughter has had a bump on the underside of her wrist for a while now. At her well visit I asked the doctor about it and he said that it is a wart. He said we ...


Wart Questions

A.W. asks from Chicago

Okay ladies. I am so embarrassed about this but- I took my 2.5 year old daughter to the doctor today because she had a bump in her armpit for almost a week and he sai...


Plantar Wart!

J.K. asks from Sacramento

My daughter has a plantar wart on the bottom of her foot. Anyone out there have any experience getting rid of these? I've researched the usual "wart removal" over the...


Plantar Wart

K.E. asks from Louisville

She has plantar wart but is it going away? There are just little black spotts clustered together. I have went to the doctor and they used liquid nitrogen twice and he...


Wart Removal

H.C. asks from Atlanta

My sons developed warts on their fingers and tried the Compound-W as his doctor suggested. It never worked. He applied the duck tape since his friends told him to d...


Suggested Treatment for Wart on 3 Year Olds Finger

K.B. asks from Sacramento

My son is getting a pretty big wart on the back of his middle finger. I am wondering if it is something I should get checked out and treated or if it is best left alone.