Warts: Toddler

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Skin Issue on 3 Year Old Toe. Inflamed Scaly Skin on Baby Toe Affected Nail.

E.H. asks from Lansing

Hello. Last summer my daughter got what I thought was maybe a callous on the top of her right baby toe. It basically ran from just below the nail to where her toe m...


Small Wound Under a Toe

J.A. asks from Madison

My daughter has what looks like a cut or abrasion under one of her toes. This has been there for quite a while and does not seem to be healing. She hates to have her ...


Looking for a Good Dermatologist in NW Suburbs for Wart Removal

K.M. asks from Chicago

I need to find a good dermatologist for my son who seems to be getting warts on his hands and knees. Some are quite large - almost skin tags. Needless to say he is ...


Seeking Remedies for MOLLUSCUM CONTAGIOSUM a Different Type of Wart

G.M. asks from New York

Hello, I was wondering if anyone has ever battled these nasty spreadable germs. My son is 2 years old he has had them since 1-20-09 i have taken him to see his doctor...


Is It a Wart or Pimple??

K.M. asks from Kalamazoo

Okay.. a few weeks ago I noticed a little bump on the inside of my daughters thigh.. It looks like a pimple but she won't let me touch it and it is still there.. Now ...


13 Month Old Fell Downstairs--seems to Be Okay, Mom's Worried

S.M. asks from Chicago

Hi everyone. This is the first time I've made a request, so forgive me if I'm a little wordy. Yesterday I was going back and forth from room to room, clearing the t...


My Four Year Old Son Has Weird Tiny Wart like Bumps in Random Clusters......

K.A. asks from San Francisco

I have never seen this on either of my older children and it seems to be spreading a little...taking him to the doctor but wanted to know off hand if anyone has seen ...


"Skin Tag on 11 Yr Old"

C.M. asks from Los Angeles

My 11 yr old has a skin tag on his neck and has recently started asking if he could have it removed. His Dr looked at it and did tell us that he could burn it off. He...


Blister on My Finger............

T.C. asks from Hickory

for about 2 months i have had a blister on my left ring finger right at my finger nail. it is very itchy and wont go away....any ideas what this could be or similar e...


5 Yr. Old with New Compulsive Hand Washing Habit

D.R. asks from New York

My son has recently developed a compulsive need to wash his hands. The issue is that it is not only his hands that he washes, he is washing his arms all the way up to...