Warts: Toddler, Aquaphor

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2 Yr Old's Finger "Injury"

K.C. asks from San Francisco

Hi Mamas ~ Hubby & I noticed a strange thing with our daughter's fingertips - some appear to have been burned ! Her thumbs, first finger, and middle finger on BOTH ha...


Bumps on Skin

T.S. asks from Dallas

Hi there! So I meant to ask the Peditrician all these things at our 2 year check up with my daughter. Its so funny I had a list written out of all the things that I...


Strange Bumps on My Daughter's Skin

S.C. asks from Portland

My 4yo daughter has these strange bumps on her skin. They start out as a small, skin colored bump. Then they grow and turn white. They are about the size of a wart...


Son with Growth on His Forhead

K.E. asks from San Francisco

Well I would have to say little man has had these two "wart-pimplish" looking things on his forhead for a while now, around 8 months. And up until a few weeks ago, I ...


Need Help with Mistery Bumps/rash on Son's Legs!

T.W. asks from Topeka

My 9 mo. old son devolped a rash about a week ago. I was nervous about it and went to the doctor. She said that rashes are hard to decipher. She could only tell me wh...


My Son Has Molescum and It Won't Go Away

P.:. asks from Phoenix

My son, he's 4, has molescum (molluscum conatgiosum) on the insides of his legs and it won't go away. Molescum is red pimple like bumps that are shiny and can get whi...


Toddler Acne~ Help Me Get Ride of Pimples on Chin!!

D.P. asks from Cleveland

I have noticed that my son has had several pimples on his chin for over a month now. He's only 2 1/2. I've tried to scrub it every day he get's a bath and it doesn't ...


Anyone Else Deal with This?

H.L. asks from Chicago

Hi, my 6 yr old son has a rash called molluscum contagiosum. It's a rare viral rash that apparently lasts 5-8 months. just wondered if anyone else has seen this, an...


New Mother Worries

A.L. asks from Omaha

Hi. My son is currently 15 weeks old. He's got some bottom teeth working on cutting and I've been treating his pain with low doses of Walgreens' Infant tylenol (0.4,...


What to Do About Painful, Cracked Heels

K.O. asks from New York

In the past couple months I have developed craked heels. They heel and then crack again. It's painful to walk. I don't know what the cause is or how to prevent it....