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Updated on April 20, 2009
H.C. asks from Stone Mountain, GA
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My sons developed warts on their fingers and tried the Compound-W as his doctor suggested. It never worked. He applied the duck tape since his friends told him to do so. But it has not been successful. His doctor was not for a laser treatment. He is now considering apple vinegar. Will you give us any advice on wart removal?

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answers from Atlanta on

Soak his and in watm soapy water.Dry his hands and than squeeze a vitamin E pill on the warts and cover with a band-aid.Do everynight until warts are gone

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answers from Atlanta on

It seems weird but it really does work-a bannana peel. I know an all-natural healer that goes to my church and she is amazing in all her knowledge when it comes to healing certain body ailments with things that were given to us by God. A bananna peel-try it not exactly sure if you are supposed to keep it wrapped on there for a certain amount of time but just try wrapping it overnite and see what happens.
I have had people testify that it works - so......a bananna peel. Go figure?



answers from Savannah on

I've heard vitamin E helps. Many people who have warts and start to mill their own wheat say theirs went away and the vitamin E is why. You could look around on-line to see if people have good things to say about that and if so you could get a supplement for him.



answers from Macon on

when i was little i had one on my hand. it was what they call a seed wart. i was told to take a bayer asprin dampen it and put a band-aid over it.they said something in the asprin would help dissolve it. i did until it disappeared.



answers from Atlanta on

Sue Becker with the Bread Beckers in Woodstock founded her company after her daughter's wart on her hand grew out of control. She found that making homemade bread made it disappear -- and found herself with a whole new calling in life. see her at breadbeckers.com and attend a free class in how to grind your own wheat and other grains and make delicious bread with all the nutrients and vitamin E oil still in it. We have been doing it for 18 years and won't ever go back to white trash bread as we call it!


answers from Spartanburg on

We have had a couple of children with these...and really bad all over the fingers. Warts are a virus and will go away on there own if you are patient. It probably took a year but my daughters just seemed to vanish over night when they finally left. If you are in a rush as I know they usually are pretty ugly...using a pre and pro biotic will speed up the process. We use the Shaklee products and have for 25 years so that is what I am familiar with. We chose not to use this approach for budget reasons. With 9 kids still at home getting rid of the warts had to be considered cosmetic and not a medical condition that had to be treated quickly. Let me know if you have any questions about anything I have said. Congrats on the first home schooler graduating! It was really exciting for us when our oldest finished up and went to college. He has done very well! We have home schooled all of ours too!





answers from Atlanta on

My son had some warts on his toes and we took him to the dermatolgist who froze them off. Warts spread easily and it took several treatments but all have been gone for awhile.



answers from Atlanta on

You can try tea tree/melaleuca oil. That's worked for some folks I know!



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Hi!! I used the vinegar on myself, I had two big ones on my knee, they didn't look good, so I took the tip off a q- tip, put it over them and a very tight tape, band aid, whatever, over that, and it took me a couple of weeks, but they were gone, stings a little, but works. I tried to keep it wet all the time. Good luck



answers from Atlanta on

Homeopathic wart removal was successful for my friend. J



answers from Myrtle Beach on

Warts are caused by a HPV virus. They will almost always go away on their own, but may take months or even years. But it is the better way. I had them when I was young and my mom choose to have them frozen off. It was painful and left scars I still carry. One of my fingernails grows crooked because of a scar. The really bad thing was some of them came back after all the trouble. Then, about a year later, they all went awway, without any scarring. I tried all the over the counter stuff too and nothing worked for me. Another thing to know, they can be contagious and you should limit contact with the wart and wash hands. even with that though, they may spread to others in your family. Thankfully they are temporary.



answers from Atlanta on

I told my friend to do the duct tape and it worked great. It was on her son's toe and it went away and hasn't come back. How did you do the duct tape? Did you leave it on the finger for a week? I would change it out each day personally, but make sure that it is bandaged up with the duct tape well.

There are many other options. We had just discussed this on my natural list, because I had asked for a friend of mine, who did the duct tape with success. The following are all of their orginal comments on what had worked for them:

the juice from the stem of a celandine plant, applied directly on the wart and covered with a small adhesive bandage. The juice can be reapplied as necessary. Take care not to get it on the surrounding skin.

Castor oil

Black ointment (Dr. Christopher's, found at www.herbsfirst.com)

Black walnut hull (I used this on my daughter and it worked-internally and right on the wart)

Placing banana peel on it

Duct tape over it

Paint clear nail polish over it (haven't personally done this one, but have heard of good results with it)

Mental visualization of the wart going away (I have a friend who has done this several times)

Instead of duct tape, you can use the sticky part of a band-aid

Two of our daughters had plantars warts on their feet and after traumatic trips to the doctor to get them "burned" off and it not working permanently, we just kept melaluca oil on them and after a few months, they all left. The root one was the hardest to get rid of but we tried to be vigilant with it and finally it too left.

I had 4 warty little kids & tried duct tape, etc & finally went to a dermatologist. After 5 co-pays & treatments including some rare African bug juice, Canthrone, we still had warty kids.

We went to the health store & found some thuja ointment. It is a homeopathic & worked WONderfully!!!

We have not even had any recurrences, which makes me think it got rid of the 'wart germs' systemically.


My husband got rid of his with black walnut and duct tape (the tape didn't work all the way just by itself).


Good luck!

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