How to Treat Wart on a 2 Year Old

Updated on April 22, 2011
D.F. asks from Monmouth Junction, NJ
7 answers

My 2 year old has a wart on his knee that has some redness and irritation around it. Anyone know any remedies?

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answers from Dallas on

Apple cider vinegar! Its amazing. My son had a stupid wart for almost 8 months. All the exspensive kits at the store didn't work. Acv on a cottonball at noght covered with a bandaid and bam! 4 days and it fell off. It looked real gross but its gone!

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answers from Modesto on

This is weird, but very cheap and it worked.
My sister had a wart on her finger when she was about 5.
My grandmother told me mom to have my sister put her own morning saliva on the wart and then cover it with a bandaid.
They did that for about a week or so.
And it disappeared.
Ol' wives tale? I don't know. But a wart is a virus and most times will go away on their own as quickly as they came.

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answers from Hartford on

Most warts in children resolve on their own. You're not supposed to do anything at all unless they show signs of infection. Is your child picking at the wart? Or did he fall on it? If not then I would ask the pediatrician about it in regard to treatment.


answers from Chicago on

There are a lot of NATURAL remedies on line like banana skin/duct tape; duct tape; apple cider vinegar, etc. I would try those before seeing a doc to have it taken care of. My daughter (3.5) had one on her finger but eventually she messed with it and it ended up bleeding and falling off after turning black -- it never came back.



answers from Houston on

A really high quality oil of oregano. You can google oregano essential oil and warts for more info. I used this on my son when he was that age after two failed trips to the doctor to have it frozen off. It would turn black after freezing it, but then a new one still grew up underneath. The oil of oregano finally did the trick!



answers from Los Angeles on

Duct tape! Either that or several bandaids - you don't want it to get air. Couple of weeks of this and it will fall off.

Went to Dr. for my son's wart and this is what he recommened! LOL - and it worked!



answers from Mobile on

Duct tape! Search it on the web/at

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