A Wart or at Least I Think It Is ?

Updated on August 15, 2010
M.R. asks from Statesville, NC
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ok, my 8 yr. old boy has a wart looking thing on the bottom of his big toe and it is hard it had popped for about a month now and does not want to go away. can anyone tell me what this is and how do i get rid of it? thanks from one mom to another

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answers from Dallas on

Before you go to the expense of freezing it off try apple cider vinegar. Soak a cotton ball in it and bandage it over the wart overnight. Might take a week or so, but the wart will develop black dots in the center and eventually fall off. Worked with warts on both my kids hands.

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answers from Austin on

I had plantar warts for years... tried everything that you could get OTC, duct tape, freezing, etc. but couldn't get them to go away! give him garlic tablets, they cured mine! (I had about 8 on one foot, and 5 on the other... they do spread...) After I did the garlic treatment for a couple weeks they left, and its 10 years later, still haven't had any since!

~look up plantar warts, see if you can get a pic to make sure that is what it is... sounds like it to me though.

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answers from Chicago on

My daughter had a wart on her finger for a long time. We went to the doctor for a regular visit and I asked about it. he told me to just go buy the freeze away type of wart remover. One time is all that is needed and it should go away. It will not go away right away. He said it is the same thing they would use in the doc office but the office would cost more, of course. We ended up not having to get it--went away 2 days later--but I know what to do if it comes back.

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answers from Seattle on

probably a planters wart.. they spread easy.. take him to the dr.. and have them use there stronger solution to remove it.. sometimes takes more than one time to remove wart.. Ove the counter stuff in my expereience does not work..

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answers from Houston on

its a plantar wart, freeze it with a thing from cvs

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answers from Portland on

When you say popped do you mean that it broke open and oozed gunk? If so, I wouldn't treat it as if it were a wart. Warts don't pop.

If you mean it showed up about a month ago it may be a wart. My plantar warts are not raised above the surface of the skin and so I suggest that it is not a plantar wart.

Warts are caused by a virus and are easily spread. The safest thing to do is to take him to the doctor or if the clinic has a nurse treatment office to it..

Or, an old fashion way of treating warts is to cover them with duct tape for several days. I have not used this method but have read in many places for many years that it is effective in removing warts.

I have tried OTC treatments and they have never worked. I've had many warts and had them removed at the doctor's office by freezing. They aim a very cold steam like stream from an aerosol can.

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answers from Raleigh on

I agree, head to the Dr's office. My little guy (10) had one wart on his finger that we didn't pay too much attention to and it spread on that finger, then to the next finger and then onto his knee! Take care of it now while it's just one thing. Better to be safe than sorry :) Good luck!

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answers from New York on

Before you do anything to it you have to make sure is a wart. I am no sure if you can pop a wart but my daughter had one on her foot. Hers had little black dots, does your son "wart" have dots as well? These black dots are how the virus feed I think.
If this is a plantar wart like my daughter's, I sand her wart the I use a frezzer from the pharmacy. The first time didn't work so we had to try again 2 weeks later, but my daughters was very painful to the touch. After the second try it went away. This was about a year ago and she hasn't have any wart again since then.
Like I said, you should really make sure this is a plantar wart before you do anything. Either go to your doctor or you can google it and see what it is a wart and how it looks like. There are also other remedies more natural like the tape and vinegar that other moms tell you.
My daughter didn't told me about hers until was too painful and at that time she just wanted it over soon, but if your son is not in pain I would recomend try a more natural way.



answers from Fayetteville on

Hi, M.. I'm not sure what you mean by "it had popped for about a month." Did it ooze? Or is that when it showed up? It may be a plantar's wart. Have a doc check it out. Otherwise, it may be a callous from ill fitting shoes. They may have to slice it off/dig it out. Either way he needs to be seen.

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