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Updated on August 19, 2011
J.M. asks from Manasquan, NJ
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today i just noticed a perfectly round bump on my 6 year old daughters foot. it looks kind of like a blister but isnt on top of the skin like a blister. it does protrude some but not like a blister. its a wart right??? i cant imagine what else it could be. we do take swim classes twice a week at an outdoor swimming pool which also offers recreational swimming daily for a fee. thinking of the traffic at the pool, im sure its from there. she tells me its been there awhile and sometimes hurts.

so what do i do? do i go to my doctor who will probaly refer me to a podiatrist? then have to wait for that appt. or should i just try to handle it with freeze away which says its safe for 4 and up. this really couldnt be a worse time. any experience with this?

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answers from New York on

My kids each had a wart on their feet, but I took them to a dermatologist, not a podiatrist. The dermatologist took care of it.

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answers from Sacramento on

Sounds to me like it is a plantar wart. That means that the wart grows down into the body instead of out creating a lump on top?? I had one on the palm of my hand and after the Dr. froze it off several times and then actually burned it off with a soldering iron, and it still came back, I just started cutting off the top. The dr. told me that when you cut off the top the bottom goes back up so I kept doing it every couple days - finally these little brownish black dots came to the top - I was told these are the roots - I kept cutting and cutting them out - and it hurt but it finally went away

Good Luck! It sucks I know!

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answers from Lansing on

My 3 year old daughter got one on each hand. One was on her finger and the other on her wrist. I used apple cider vinegar and duck tape (that others suggested on here) and it worked. I thought worse case scenario we go to the Dr's if it didn't. It took about two weeks, but worked for both area's. Even on a 3 year old who doesn't always like to keep the duct tape on. I just made sure to put a new one on at night.

Now my husband is trying it on a wart he's had forever on his pinkie that he's used over the counter remedies on and had it frozen off a couple times by the Dr. It's been a week and the black is coming to surface and its shrinking in size. Hopefully, this time it stays away.

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answers from Boston on

My 9 year old daughter had one. She didn't tell me for a while. One day I noticed that she was walking a bit funny (it was on the bottom of her foot). She said that it had been there a while. I bought the brush on wart remover from the drug store (It's salacylic acid) and put that on and a bandaid every day. At night, she would pick the dead skin off and then i'd put some more on. It took a while (months) and it hurt a bit when she was picking at it but it finally went away.

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answers from St. Louis on

Warts are really easy to get off if they are on the bottom of the foot but on the top, I am not sure. Usually when I or my kids would get them they were plantar warts and on the bottom of the foot. Always from swimming pools. :(

If it is on the bottom use wart remover stuff, all the brands work well, but the key to plantar warts is soaking the foot in warm water first. It gets them off quicker.

Okay since other poster said it isn't working, I had hoped I wouldn't have to get this descriptive. Soak the foot in warm water and with your finger nail scrape off as much skin as you can. Put the wart remover on follow instructions. Soak it again, scrape off skin. Lather, rinse, repeat. The reason the wart removers sometimes don't work is they can't get through the dead skin to the actual wart.

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answers from Chicago on

My son has warts on his foot and one on his finger. It almost looks like a blister but not watery kind and there is a center--best way to try to describe. We are trying to get rid of them because they are sometimes really painful for him. So far the freeze stuff has not worked. The doc gave me a prescription for some patches to put on but they won't stay on--waste of $28 since insurance would not cover. We are currently trying apple cider vinegar that I saw suggested in another request here and duct tape. Waiting to see if it works for us.


answers from New York on

My daughter got a wart from a pool we were vacationing at and I took her to the podiatrist. But if you want to you can use the freeze away first and see how that works. If it doesn't work, then take her to see a podiatrist.



answers from Norfolk on

Duct tape really works. Soak the foot, use a pumice stone to remove dead skin. Apply a little piece of duct tape. Change daily or as frequently as you need to. Don't waste money on expensive treamtents or doctor visits.



answers from New York on

a wart is no big deal show dr no need for podiatrist go to cvs and get an over the counter meds or there is the old fashion way use masking tape



answers from New York on

Your regular doctor, a dermatologist or a podiatrist could all treat it -- they'll all freeze it off. I would do the over the counter acid treatment (compound W) with duct tape over it. It's super gentle and doesn't hurt when it's coming off like freezing does. IT will take a while and will need to be replaced daily over a few weeks before it comes off.



answers from Detroit on

Duct tape and pumice stone is right as someone has already suggested. and you can use a little but if the wart acid remover also. Make sure to file away all the dead wart skin and wash your hands before and after.

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