Warts: Toddler

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Wart on Bottom of Foot

M.T. asks from Chicago

My 10 year old has 2 warts on the bottom of her foot. She has been to the doctor twice and they put this liquid on the wart. She is not suppose to walk on her foot fo...


Surgery for Plantar Wart

D.P. asks from Pittsburgh

Ok--My son (7.5) has a mosaic plantar wart on the ball of his foot. Today I took him to a podiatrist as recommended by our pediatrician. The podiatrist describ...


Pain-free Wart Removal?

J.O. asks from Grand Rapids

Hello - my daughter (almost 7 y/o) has had warts on her hands - especially her fingers - for a long time...probably since she was two or three. They seem to be sprea...


Possible Wart on 3 Year Old's Foot

R.C. asks from Minneapolis

Hi All, My 3 year old daughter has a small, round mass on the pad of her foot. The center looks kind of wart-like, but not exactly so I'm not sure. The mass is f...


Seeking Advice on Getting Rid of a Wart

L.B. asks from Harrisburg

My son has an annoying wart on his finger. What is the best,quickest, pain free way to get rid of it once and for all? We've tried several ways -freezing which hurt...


What Should a "Healing" Plantars Wart Look Like?

K.S. asks from Chicago

It seems like such a silly question, but I'm not sure if the over the counter liquid acid we have been using is working. We use it twice a day and the skin around ...


Getting Rid of Wart on 10 Yo

L.M. asks from San Diego

My 10 yo son has a rather large wart on the back of his hand. I took him to the Dr. hoping he would burn it off, but just used the same over the counter spray I could...


Wart Remover for Mulluscum.. Good or Bad?

B.M. asks from Philadelphia

My 5yr old has Mulluscum and has had it for about a year now. We've been to the doc and he gave us a little gel for it. My husbands brother had it when he was young t...


Planter Wart on Foot ? Please Help

L.M. asks from Seattle

Dear Mama's, Please help.. I have this embarrising planter wart on the bottom of my big toe.. off and on for litterally 3 years.. I have been to the doctor so many ...


Wart Removal via Duct Tape?

A.C. asks from Detroit

My four year old has a very large wart on her thumb near the cuticle. We've tried two different painless topical treatments at the dermatologist and neither have work...