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Updated on August 02, 2013
S.D. asks from Peoria, AZ
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So we have a child w a wart on her finger...been there since may, it is thick, large. We got a Wart Stick and have been treating it for 3 weeks. IT has " Rised" , it gets white around the edges and skin eventually peals and so on and so forth. The Center however is staying put.... It is not going away...the meds is attacking the good skin around it and the wart seems to be elevating to fall off, but it is really stuck on there. She wants to pick it but we can't even try to.......... so I called the derm and it is 4 weeks to get in. So I called peds...... And they can see her next week. BUT, do I keep putting the meds on it ? WHO HAS DEALT WITH THIS ?????

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answers from Dallas on

Duct tape. Cover it for a week. Take it off. It will come out root and all after a few days.
Tried it per pharmacist. It works.

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answers from Boston on

Yes, keep treating it, and keep it covered. If you use Compound W, the colloidal liquid that it's in forms a skin that shuts out air and water. If the treatment you're using doesn't do that, put a small piece of duct tape on the wart itself and then cover that with a band-aid. Just using a band-aid alone won't work because those "breathe" and allow air in. That you're seeing a change at all is a really good sign - they get bigger and higher and uglier before they're ready to fall off. Change the tape when it gets loose or every day or so. When you change it, use a nail file to gently file the surface before re-applying the medicine. The tape itself will take some of the dead skin over the wart with it as it comes off, which helps too.

Also, give her a zinc supplement. My two younger boys had warts for over a year before we got serious about finally treating them once and for all. My older son had the worst case and multiple trips to the doctor didn't really do anything. It may be a coincidence, but once I started giving him zinc, the over-the-counter treatment finally kicked in and over the course of a week, his warts (there were many all over his fingers and hands) just disappeared and he's been clear for a few months.

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answers from Sacramento on

Both my kids had plantar warts on the bottom of their feet. We used apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball and covered it with a bandaid. Then wrapped it so it wouldn't come off. We did this each night for a while and have not seen a wart since. I have also heard of duct tape being used, but haven't tried that before. It beats having them frozen off. I have heard that hurts!!!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I would keep putting the meds on. The smaller it is when the ped treats it, the more effective the ped's treatment will be (I assume he's going to freeze it off). When warts are very large, they can come back, and in that case she'd have to go for a second freezing treatment.

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answers from Portland on

We have successfully used Apple Cider Vinegar on a tiny bit of cotton ball, covered by a little duct tape each night. Takes about 1-2 weeks, but then it's gone. I will be trying just duct tape next time to compare.

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answers from Chattanooga on

Garlic! Lol.

I had warts bad on my feet when I was young. Seriously, I had at least 15 on one foot, and 7 on the other. I tried everything over the counter... But on the rare occasions it worked, the warts came right back. We even went to a dermatologist who froze them off... And they came back. We did the duct tape trick, (along with any other home remedies we could find online) but it didn't work for me.

I decided I would just have to live with them. Then one day I went on a garlic kick, and ate about 3-4 heads (full heads, not cloves) worth of fresh garlic over about 3 weeks... And every last one of my warts disappeared. I looked online, and it turns out garlic has some great antiviral properties.

My warts never came back, either. Not-a-one. :)

I would suggest giving her garlic capsules, if she doesn't like the taste of garlic... Or you can't find a way to feed her that much. Lol. I have a garlic dip that I love, which is how I managed to eat so much.



answers from Dallas on

Apple cider vinegar as mentioned below works, did it on both kids. I used the duct tape method on my thumb, it worked too but took longer.



answers from New York on

My daughter had the same thing but on her foot. I tried the at home medication and it did the exact same thing - made the skin around if peel off leaving the wart the same.

When we went to the Ped he froze it and held what looked like a giant cold Q-tip on it for like 5 minutes. It fell off a few days later. It didn't hurt at all (she was about 5 at the time) in fact, it tickled since it was her foot.

Leave it alone until the Ped sees her. If you want, stick a little round band aid on it to keep her from picking at it.

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